The Newry Commercial Telegraph
February 25, 1828
Newry, County Down

   On Friday the 22d inst., JOHN ROCHFORT MAYNE, Esq., to FRANCES, youngest daughter of the late Ralph Dawson, of Tanagh, in the County of Monaghan, Esq.
  On the 14th inst. in St. Anne’s Church Belfast, by the Rev. E. F. Lascelles, EDWARD SHAW, Esq. son of the late John Shaw of Dublin, Esq. to MARGARET, eldest daughter of Major Hamilton, of Roseland.
  At Carrickfergus Church, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. J. Dobbs, WILLIAM BURLEIGH, Esq. jun. of St. Catharine’s, to LUCRETIA, eldest daughter of James Wills, Esq., Scoutbush.
  On the 5th instant, in the Parish Church of Aghadoey, by the Rev. John Paul, ROBT. HAZLETT, of Colerain, Esq. to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of John Knox, of Rushbrook, County Londonderry, Esq.

   On the night of the 18th inst. at the house of her daughter, Mrs. Mollan, Canal-street, Newry, aged 71, ELIZABETH, relict of the late William Campbell, formerly of Newry and latterly of Eden Vale, Co. Down, Esq. Her patience and resignation to the Divine will, during a long and severe illness, was most exemplary ; and she departed this life with a hope full of a blessed immortality—resting solely on the merits of her Almighty Saviour, and often repeating the Apostle’s words, that she had “ a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better.”
  ROBERT LAW, Esq. the eminent Banker of Dublin. About the hour of ten o’clock on Saturday morning he was seized with an apoplectic fit while standing in Ormond market, and though medical aid was immediately obtained he soon expired. Mr. Law was in his 63d year.
  Bishop CAMERON, of Edinburgh, on the 7th. The funeral obbsequies(?) took place on Thursday, and were performed with all the solemnity peculiar to the Catholic worship. This, we believe, is the first celebration of the kind which has taken place in Scotland since the era of the Reformation.
  In Belfast, on the 14th inst. in the 49th year of his age, Mr. WM. MOORE, Bookseller and Stationer.
  On the 13th inst. in the 56th year of his age, Mr. GEORGE WEIR, of Rine-hill, parish of Dromara, formerly of Banbridge.
  At Belfast, on the 13th instant, Mr. RICHARD JACOB, of that town, merchant.
  On the 25th ult. in the 18th year of her age, ESTHER WOODS, daughter to Mr. James Woods, Ballyvarly, near Banbridge.
  At Lurgan, on Tuesday the 5th inst., aged 81, HENRIETTA, relict of the late Joseph Malcomson, banker, of that town.
  Of fever, on the 29th of last November, with his Regiment, at St. Lucie, WILLIAM, second son of the late Henry O’Hara, Esq., of O’Hara Brooke, Antrim.
  On the 13th at her house in Naples, her Serene Highness ELIZABETH, Margravine of Anspach, and Princess Berkeley, of the Holy Roman Empire.


Lieutenant-General Lord Blayney.
May it please your Lordship,
WE, the undersigned Inhabitants of Castleblayney, beg leave to call your Lordship’s particular attention to the deplorable condition in which the Linen Market of this Town is placed. This Market, with whose prosperity the prosperity and respectability of our Town, once so intimately connected, lies now ceased to exist. The Manufacturers of the neighbourhood are compelled to resort to other Markets, to their own great inconvenience and the manifest injury of the credit and prosperity of this Town. We therefore humbly, yet anxiously, request that your Lordship will take into immediate and serious consideration our representation on this subject, and that you will please devise such measures as may prove effectual in REESTABLISHING A MARKET SO ESSENTIAL TO THE PROSPERITY of CASTLEBLAYNEY.
   William Twibill,
   Robert M’Morran,
   William Matthews,
   John Sheils,
   John Lowey,
   John Mathews,
   George Harvey,
   James Gibson,
   Robert Ross,
   Edward Hunter,
   John Gray.

Castleblayney, Nov. 23, 1827.
   LORD BLAYNEY has to acknowledge the receipt of the above, with so many respectable signatures, from Castleblayney, and to assure them he participates in their apprehensions as to the decline of the Linen Trade. The question is, does the evil proceed from local mismanagement, or from a general defalcation of trade in the various Markets ? They will be pleased to invite Mr. CUNNINGHAM, and others conversant in the line, to attend on Wednesday the 28th, when LORD BLAYNEY will be present ; and, if practicable, apply a remedy.

At a Meeting held in Castleblayney, the 28th of November, 1827,
   It was Resolved that a Committee, consisting of two Registered Bleachers, two principal Linen Buyers, with three respectable Manufacturers, do assemble at 12 o’clock, in Castleblayney, on Wednesday the fifth of December next, in order to ascertain the foundation of the present complaint, whether it proceed from local mismanagement, or from a general defalcation of the Linen Trade ; and that they will be pleased to express their opinion as to the cause of that deficiency, and suggest a remedy accordingly.
That the Committee do consist of
John Forbes,
A. Davison.
John M’Clelland,
James Stewart.

Owen Hanratty,
George Adair,
Geo. Harrison.

    Who are to report accordingly.

   In consequence of requisitions bearing date November 28th, 1827, to take into consideration the causes of deficiency in the Linen Market of Castleblayney, a Committee has been appointed consisting of two Registered Bleachers, two respectable Buyers, and three Manufacturers. The persons who were pleased to undertake this office were as follows, viz.
John Forbes,
A. Davison
John M’Clelland,
James Stewart
Owen Hanratty,
George Adair,
Geo. Harrison
   The Committee accordingly met on Wednesday the 5th of December, when they came to the following Resolution, as a means whereby the Market of Castleblayney might be restored to its former activity.
  Resolved,--That one of the causes of the falling off of Castleblayney Market is, that the description of Linen usually brought to that Market for sale, being from 7 to 9 hundred Yard-wides, are now unsuited to the demand in the bleached state, and are substituted by seven-eights wide Linens, and goods manufactured from Cotton and Linen, which can be sold much cheaper. They would recommend that the Linens Manufactured in the Neighbourhood should be of the sets 10 to 12 hundreds, made of well boiled Yarn, and manufactured into light fabricks, such goods not being made in this part of the Country in sufficient quantity for the demand.
  It is considered that the sole Sealmaster’s office, with deputies in the country, should be continued, and that Seals should be given to any Manufacturer giving security, who employs two Looms and upwards, which security is to be lodged in the office of the sole Seal-master of the district.
  (Signed) John Forbes, Chairman.
                  Alexander Davison

   We, the undersigned members of the Committee, consider that the office of sole Sealmaster should be abolished, and that Seals be allowed to respectable Manufacturers employing two Looms and upwards, giving security for the proper use of said Seals ;--and that they should have the liberty of sealing for the country in General.
   Signed by
James M’Clelland,
James Stewart,
George Harrison,
Owen Hanratty,
George Adair.

   Having duly taken into consideration the report of the Committee appointed, it appears to me advisable to adopt means suited to support the Linen Market at Castleblayney, on the same principle of other Markets, consequently Seal Masters are to be nominated by a Committee of Buyers for measurement, who are to give in sufficient security to the Inspector.

   We, the undersigned Linen Buyers and Bleachers, pledge ourselves to attend the Market of Castleblayney, for the purpose of purchasing any yard wide Linen, that may be brought there for sale, of the sets of 10 to 12 hundreds made of well boiled light yarns, and manufactured into neat light fabricks.
   Thomas and A. Davison.
   J. Cunningham & Sons.
   John M’Clelland.
   Alexander Boyd.
   John Jackson, jun.
   John Jackson.
   William Wright.
   John Harris.
   John M’Clatchey.
   John Crawford.
   Ebenezer Rankin.
   William Gray.
Forms of applications for Seals, may be had by applying to the Inspector of the County.

The King at the prosecution of Henry Deane Grady a. Helen Richards and others.
   This case, which has excited such intense interest, came to be tried this day before the Chief Justice and a Special Jury.
   At a few minutes before twelve o’clock, Sergeant Goold rose to state the case on behalf of the Crown.
   The Court, and all the avenues leading to it, are crowded to excess. The trial, it is supposed, will not terminate before Monday. The Lord Chief Justice has prohibited any publication while the trial is pending.


Magarahan v. Maguire.
   Shortly after the sitting of the Court this day, the Chief Baron addressing himself to the Bar said, that certain of the expressions used by him, in delivering his opinion for setting aside the verdict in the case of Magarahan v. Maguire, had been totally perverted, and his meaning altogether misconceived. It had been insinuated that he had on that occasion censured the conduct of the learned Baron (Smith), before whom the case was tried ; that he had also impugned the learned Baron’s motives, and, in short, that he had accused him of partiality—nothing could be more grossly unfounded than this—nothing being more foreign from his mind, than the entertaining for a moment any such ideas or opinions. He would here again repeat what he had before expressed, namely, “ that the conduct of Baron Smith was most upright, and that his charge was perfectly a legal one.”—Some individuals had the impudence to address anonymous letters to him on this subject—such impertinent conduct was most unwarrantable and audacious. He said this, in the hope that the affair would henceforth be altogether set at rest.
  Baron Smith said, that himself had been most grossly, most unjustly maligned by a portion of the Press, and by impertinent and anonymous letters.
  Baron Pennefather expressed his sentiments to be in perfect accordance with those of the Chief Baron respecting the conduct of Baron Smith, on the occasion in question.
  The matter dropped here, and the Court proceeded with the ordinary business of the day.—Morning Post.  


   The TREASURER OF THE MENDICITY FUND acknowledges to have received, from Capt. Brenan, one pound, to stop a prosecution for fraudulently packing oats, by Michael M’Donnell and James Weir, and exposing them for sale at the stores of Mr. Charles Trouton. Also, 5s. part of a fine on Alexander M’Gumery, for furiously riding through the streets. And 5s. on Peter Donelly, Arthur Murtagh, P. Murtagh, Michael Kearns, and P. Quinn, for rioting in Ballybot. 1s. to stop prosecution for nuisance in Canal-street. Also, 5s. a fine imposed by T. Corry, Esq. on Owen M’Cartney, for assaulting a policeman in the execution of his duty.
  The Treasurer also acknowledges to have received 12s. from Mr. Adam Black, foreman of a Leet Jury, in an inquiry case investigated on Friday, 22d Feb. inst.  


THE OLD CHURCH will re-open for DIVINE SERVICE on SUNDAY the NINTH of MARCH next. A SERMON will be Preached on the occasion by the
Rev. Romney Robinson, D.D.
and a COLLECTION made in aid of the Funds for the repairs of said Church. Service will commence at the hour of TWELVE o’Clock, at Noon.
   Newry, Feb. 25, 1828.


Newry, 23d Feb. 1828.
ARRIVED this day to EDWARD CLARK, by the JOHNS, from Workington, a CARGO of Early Kidney Seed POTATOES, GROWN IN CUMBERLAND ; also a few Tons English Seed OATS and Seed BARLEY, Which will be Sold reasonably. They will be delivered from on board the Vessel until Thursday the 28th inst.


THE SUBSCRIBER offers for SALE, on Low
Terms, for Good Payments,
4,000 English Twilled Sacks and Flour Bags,
40 Bags Bristol Candlewick, full bleached,
10 Do. Cotton, do.
Dutch, Flemish and Riga Flax,
   A few Tons of CUMBERLAND SEED POTATOES, at 4s. per Cwt.


THAT Commodious DWELLING-HOUSE in MARCUS-SQUARE, at present occupied by Mrs. FINAN, from the 1st of May next. Application to be made to


     CASTLEBLAYNEY.—LINEN TRADE.—We refer the reader to an address, on this subject, lately presented to the patriotic and gallant Lieutenant-General Lord Blayney, and to the proceedings consequent thereon, all of which will be found in another column of this Paper. We have the satisfaction to add that, in consequence of the resolutions adopted by the trade, the market of Castleblayney, on the 6th of this month, was numerously attended by linen buyers and manufacturers.— The supply of linen was considerable, and bought up extensively. In fact, there has not, we understand, been such a market for years, and the quality was of a description to ensure prosperity to our staple manufacture, and remove the apprehensions which had been formerly entertained in that quarter.  

Submitted by ajk.
By permission of The British Library.

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