The Northern Standard
and Monaghan, Cavan, and Armagh Advertiser.

February 9, 1839
Monaghan, County Monaghan

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The Army.
   The barracks at Athy having undergone a thorough repair is ready to receive troops.
   The Ethelred freight-ship, having on board the following drafts, sailed from Cork harbour on the 30th ult. for the West Indies:--14th regiment, two subalterns, one sergeant, and 73 men; 70th regiment, one field officer, one captain, two subalterns, staff assistant-surgeon Robinson, two sergeants, and 110 men. Total—one field officer, one captain, four subalterns, three sergeants, and 183 men.
   The Isabella freight-ship (579 tons) will shortly sail from England for the Cove of Cork, to embark a draft of the 72d Highlanders, now at Cork; and a draft of the 75th regiment arrived here on Sunday from Boyle, and occupy Beggar’s Bush barracks until embarkation for Cork.
   The depot of the 70th regiment embarked at Limerick for Clare Castle on the 31st ult., by a steam vessel, and arrived the same day.
    The depot of the 73d regiment embarked at Clare Castle for Limerick on the 1st of February, to relieve the 70th depot.
   The draft of the 72d Highlanders, under the command of captain Robinson, arrived at Cork harbour in the Jupiter steamer from Dublin, were disembarked, and occupy barracks until embarkation on board of the Isabella freigh ship, (579 tons,) for conveyance to the Cape of Good Hope, to join the service companies of the corps.
   The 77th depot, stationed in Galway, are at present actively engaged in recruiting. Already have they succeeded in enlisting considerably over two hundred young men, natives of that town and county.
   Soldier’s letters can now be sent over land to India on payment of the penny postage.
   The following officers retired from the service last week:--second lieutenant Locke, 5th foot; lieutenant Crosby, 19th foot; captain Bayly, 21st foot; lieutenant Egerton, 83d foot; lieutenant Wemyss, 92d foot.
   The depot companies of the 73d regiment, under Major Vander Meulen, landed by the Clarence steamer, from Clare Castle, and marched into the castle barracks, Limerick, the day before vacated by the 92d depot, gone to Birr.
   Major W.H. Grubbe, 76th, on his return from leave of absence, is ordered to proceed to Drogheda to take the command of the depot, Major Clarke being ordered to embark at March next, to join the service companies at Demerara.
   Captain Pasley, is about to leave the 60th Rifle depot, 1st battalion, at the Pigeon-house—Major Cockburn commands.


   Stuartstown Orange Lodge.--On the 31st ult., the Orange Lodge for the district of Stuartstown met together at their lodge-room.--The lodge was attended by the Grand Master of Tyrone, --- Grier, Esq., the Hon. A.G. Stuart, and James Lowry Esq., D.G.M., all of whom appeared very much gratified, by the demonstration of loyal feeling evinced by the brethren present.


   The Church.--Down and Connor Church Extension Society.--The amount of subscriptions now reaches nearly thirteen thousand pounds--a sum which, whether we look to the readiness with which it has been given, the liberality of the contributors, or the purposes of its appropriation, redounds to the glory of the Protestants of Ulster.--Belfast Chronicle.

City of Dublin Registry--Monday, Feb. 4.
Brought up, . . . 14
Rejected, . . . 1
Re-registered, . . . 2
Stand over, . . . 6-8
Brought up, . . . 3
Rejected, . . . 0
Re-registered, . . . 0
Stand over, . . . 2-2
   Conservative majority, . . . 10.

Brought up, . . . 17
Rejected, . . . 0
Re-registered, . . . 7
Stand over, . . . 0-7
Brought up, . . . 16
Rejected, . . . 3
Re-registered, . . . 6
Stand over, . . . 1-10
Allowed from Monday, . . . 2
   Conservative majority, . . . 2
   Gross majority, . . . 12.


   Gannon, the murder of Worrell, has been apprehended and brought into this town for identification. There is not now the least doubt (if such at all existed) but that he is the murderer, for his is apparelled in the clothes which he stripped off of his ill-fated victim, after the perpetration of the horrible crime.--Nenagh Guardian.


   The Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint Captain Thomas Coote of Ballyclarin, a Deputy Lieutenant for the County Monaghan.


   Hickey and Walsh, for the murder of Cooper and Wayland, were executed on Wednesday last.


Arrest of Anthony Murphy.
   This offender, who was accused and tried for the murder of Mr. James Rowland of Ballybay, brother to the governor of our county prison, was arrested on Monday last, with arms in his possession, which had the previous night been forcibly plundered from the house of a farmer at Maheracloon in the county. Besides the gun with which he was armed when taken into custody, four other guns were found in his house, all supposed to have been procured in some way. The circumstances of the heinous crime of murder for which this fellow was tried, and yet stands out on recognizances from want of sufficient evidence, are yet fresh in the minds of our readers, yet strange to say, this man, unacquitted of the horrible accusation, was recommended to the situation of police constable, by a gentleman high among the liberals of the county—and who does not reside one hundred miles from Carrickmacross. A pretty pet for the liberals, this—a true specimen of what things would come to if they had their own way. Murphy has been fully committed for trial at the next assizes.


Apprehension of the Murderer of Lord Norbury.
   We believe we may at last announce that the murderer is in custody. A letter was received here on Sunday, written by a gentleman residing near Durrow, which states, that the villain who instigated to the murder had turned approver, and that the man who fired the shot had just been taken into town by the Police. The letter adds, that he is a Tipperary labourer, and “no neatly finished boot gentleman.” The Magistrates had been in possession of the information for some days, but there was difficulty in finding the prisoner.--Cork Constitution.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Northern Standard and Monaghan, Cavan, and Armagh Advertiser, printed and published 9 February 1839 by the Proprietor, A.W. Holmes, at the "Standard" Office, No. 1, Market-street, Monaghan. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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