The Northern Standard
and Monaghan, Cavan, and Armagh Advertiser.

February 2, 1839
Monaghan, County Monaghan

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    At Portadown, on the 22d ult, the lady of John O. Woodhouse, Esq. of a daughter.
    On the 25th ultimo, at Elm Park in the county of Armagh, the lady of Thomas Knox Armstrong, Esq. of a daughter.
    On the 12th ult., at Omagh, the lady of Daniel Auchinleck, Esq. of a daughter.

    Jan. 29, in St. Ann’s Church, by the Rev. Dr. Dickenson, Francis Brooke Norris, Esq., her Majesty’s Surveyor-General in Ceylon, to Elizabeth Jane, daughter of T.S. Cooper, Esq., Comptroler-General [sic] of Stamps in Ireland.

    On the night of Saturday, the 26th ult., at Ballybay, of inflammation on the lungs, aged 48 years, Agnes, wife of Samuel Gray, Esq. In every relation of life, she was an example and pattern to her sex. As a wife she displayed all those qualities which endear a woman to her husband; as a mother, she was gentle, kind, and affectionate, and as a friend, the best testimony to her merits is the wide circle of gloom which her decease has caused over a large list of acquaintances. Her remains were accompanied to the last recepticle of mortality by a long train of mourners, many of whom had experienced, during her life, her kindness and friendship. Throughout a protracted and painful illness, which she bore with Christian resignation, she was enabled to say, “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.”


   Conservative Society of Derry.--A numerous and most respectable meeting of the Conservative electors of this city was held on Tuesday evening, in Corporation-hall, for the purpose of establishing a society to watch over the Conservative interests, and make arrangements for the return of a Conservative Member for this city at the next election. The greatest unanimity existed, and all seemed aware of the importance of united energy for facilitating the object in view. A Provisional Committee was appointed to make arrangements for a general meeting, of which public notice will be given.--Derry Standard.

   The brewers of Limerick are obliged to import barley from England.

   On Saturday evening a man, named Patrick Neil, was shot at Kilmacow, county of Kilkenny, by a policeman. The melancholy accident had its origin in a scuffle between some disorderly characters returning from a funeral and the police.--Waterford Mail.

   General and Mrs. Archdall and suite left Castle Archdall on Tuesday last for their house in Dublin.---Mervyn Archdall, Esq., our county member, was on a visit last week with the General, his uncle and predecessor in the representation of Fermanagh, and is, we understand, at present at Riversdale, his father's residence. His much attached constituents will learn with pleasure that his health is quite restored, and that he will be as usual at his post in Parliament during the ensuing session.

   It is now well known that there were four persons at the murder of Messrs. Cooper and Weyland---that two of them have been convicted---that the third (John Ryan Corbett) died in jail, and that the fourth (Thomas Ryan Mungo) has not been amenable to justice. but it is a fact little known and scarcely credible, that Ryan Mungo, dressed in female attire, attended the funeral of his deceased relative and associate in guilt, Ryan Corbett, from the jail of Clonmel, and that he was actually listening, in the same disguise, to the trial of Hickey and Walshe, at the late Commission, immediately after which he left the town for some lone retreat. This is a forcible instance of the recklessness and daring temerity of the Irish character.

   Public Dinner to the Liberator in Drogheda.--On last Thursday evening the brave men of Drogheda covered themselves with immortal glory. The banquet given to the matchless O'Connell at the Mayoralty House, one of the most magnificent demonstrations of popular sentiment ever witnessed in this part of Ireland. Upwards of two hundred gentlemen were present; and never was there more genuine Irish enthusiasm---more energetic Irish feeling---more cordial unanimity---more heartfelt devotion to the great leader, manifested at any public assemblage. Newry is, we understand, preparing to follow up these "Northern demonstrations" of undiminished attachment and confidence in the liberator.--Drogheda Argus.


    Sale of Irish Estates.--A sale of Estates in the County of Limerick, took place on Thursday at the Commercial Buildings, by the eminent London auctioneer, W.W. Simpson, Esq. The Townland of Coolinchane, rental, £630, 9s. 2-/12d. and Islandasky, rental £87, 5s. brought £16,000; Carrigmartin, rental £232, 9s. 8-1/2d.  Ballyogartnee, rental £89, 6s. 2-1/2d.  Coolreagh, £51. 19s. and Knockbrien, £153, 14s. 9-1/2d. brought £13,650.  The lands were freehold.--Dublin Packet.

   The New Baron.--It is most confidently stated this morning in all the Courts at Westminster Hall, that Mr. Maude, M.P. for Carlow, has received the appointment of one of the Barons of the Court of Exchequer, in the room of Mr. Baron Bolland.--Standard of Saturday.

   Mr. Caledon George du Pre is the Conservative candidate to succeed the present Duke of Buckingham in the representation of Buckhinghamshire.


   Orange Society.--On Monday, the 21st instant, a meeting of the Ballintra District Orange Lodge was held at the District Lodge-rooms, Ballintra, for the purpose of re-organising this district and appointing district officers for the ensuing year. At no former period was the meeting so numerously attended, representatives being present from all the Lodges in the district; there were several applications for new warrants, and others which were for some time past dormant, have been revived. All the masters of the lodges reported an increase of their numbers since the revival of the Orange Institution. A meeting will be held in a few days, for re-organising and appointing grand officers for this county, when gentlemen of the first respectability will be appointed to hold the several situations in the County Grand Lodge; at which meeting several highly respectable gentlemen have signified their intention of attending for the above purpose.--Ballyshannon Herald.


   Patronage of the Whigs.--The new Bishop of Killaloe is brother to Lord Riversdale, whose mother was the late lady J. Russell; and the new Dean of Exeter, Lord W. Russell, is brother to Lord John Russell.


   The companies sanctioned by act of parliament, and in progress or about to commence, are as follow[s]:
   The Dundalk Western Railway.--Plans not furnished to the committee. The project appears to be for a tram road to or towards Castleblayney. The subscribed capital or proprietary, the committee cannot state.
   The Ulster Railway.--Line from Belfast to Armagh in rapid progress, with a respectable proprietary and subscribed capital. The only matter wanting to make certain its speedy completion, appears to be reasonable assistance from the state.
   The Drogheda Railway.--From Dublin to the town of Drogheda. An act passed after a laborious and searching examination, on the evidence of the following engineers:--Mr. Cubit, Mr. George Stephenson, Mr. MacNeill, Mr. Vignolles, Mr. Bidder, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Thomas Woodhouse, Mr. George Woodhouse. Respectable proprietary and subscribed capital---works in progress, so far as the purchase and possession of part of the line, and we understand six miles and a half are contracted for by Mr. Weeks. In like manner as the Ulster Railway, the only matter appearing requisite for its speedy completion would be an adequate loan.


   Mr. Dunn, the Irish barrister, and eccentric admirer of Miss Burdett Coutts, was released from confinement by Lord Denman, on the ground of the illegality of the warrant of commitment; which illegality we are given to understand, was adjudged to consist in its being a commitment for an unlimited time, instead of to the ensuing sessions. This adjudication will, it is to be supposed[,] lead to the immediate relinquishment of a practice known only at some of the London police office[s], and to the resumption of the more wholesome and constitutional practice of preferring articles of the peace.


Arrest of a Horse Stealer.
   On Tuesday last, informations were taken by John Johnson, Esq., J.P., against a notorious horse stealer, named Lynch, who, we understand, is a native of the county Leitrim, and generally resides at a short distance from Carrick-on-Shannon. He was arrested in the vicinity of this town by Constable Simmons of the Glasslough police, and had in his possession at the time two horses, one the property of John Mills, of Garra, in the county Tyrone, and the other belonging to Bernard M'Cabe, of Mullaghrory. On the approach of the Constable who had traced him for several miles, the fellow deserted the horses and made off towards the canal, which he crossed, but was actively pursued and captured by Simmons, to whom much praise is due for his exertions. Lynch has been fully committed for trial at next assizes, and will be, we believe, the third transported of a gang of notories [sic] thieves who trade between this country and Scotland with stolen cattle.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Northern Standard and Monaghan, Cavan, and Armagh Advertiser, printed and published 2 February 1839 by the Proprietor, A.W. Holmes, at the "Standard" Office, No. 1, Market-street, Monaghan. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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