The Northern Standard
and Monaghan, Cavan, and Armagh Advertiser.

January 26, 1839
Monaghan, County Monaghan

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    Jan. 19, in London, the Right Hon. Lady Cottenham, of a daughter.
   Jan. 18, at Ardglass, the lady of Joseph Saunders, Esq., of a daughter.
   Jan. 12, at Omagh, the lady of Daniel Auchinleck, Esq., of a daughter.

   On the 17th, instant, Wm. A. M’Kenna, Esq., Solicitor, to Ellen youngest daughter of the late Mr. Francis M’Kenna, Newry.
   Jan. 17, in St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. E. Leete, Samuel M’Clintock, Esq., of Newtown House, county Louth, to Dora, daughter of the late John Knox, Esq., of Summer-hill in that city.
   At Drumcondra Church, by the Rev. Mr. Long, Robert Robinson, Esq., to Elizabeth, second daughter of Benjamin Eaton, Esq., Clitton Terrace, Monkstown.
   Jan. 17, at Strokestown Church, Godfrey Hogg, Esq., J.P. to Ellen, daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Knox, and niece to Colonel Knox, of Prehen, Londonderry.

   On the 20th inst. Eliza, the beloved wife of the Rev. Alexander Patterson, of Ballymena. She was enabled, by Divine grace, to bear a severe and unusually protracted illness with great submission to the will of her Heavenly Father, and died in the full assurance of eternal life, in humble, yet firm dependence on the merits and mediation of her Almight Saviour.
   On Tuesday last, aged seven years, of water on the brain, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. James Swan, of Glasslough-street, in this town.
   On Tuesday last at his residence Glenich, within four miles of this town, Mr. Wm. Riddle, aged 71 years.
   Jan. 10, at Downpatrick, James Rentoul, Esq., aged 55 years.
   At Larne, county of Antrim, Daniel Lanauze, Esq.
Jan. 17, in Gardiner-street, Edward King, Esq., fourth son of the late Sir Robert King, Bart., of Charlestown, Drumsna, County Leitrim.
   Jan. 18, Margaret, relict of the late Rev. Joseph Crawford, of Cremorne.
   On the 14th instant, at Castleblayney, in the 44th year of his age, Mr. John Rooney.
   On the 15th inst. at Warrenpoint, of a protracted illness, which she bore with pious resignation, Anne, wife of Mr. Halligan, Hotel-keeper.
   On the 16th inst. after a protracted illness, which she bore with christian fortitude and pious resignation to the will of God, Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Patrick Moore, organist, Boat-street, Newry.
   Jan. 8, perished, at Formby Banks, near Liverpool, from cold and hunger, in the rigging of the brig Harvest Home, outward bound to St. Thomas’s, Henry Parker, College-street, Dublin, Esq.; and Mr. William Magrath, son of John Magrath, Killough, county Down, Esq., and nephew of John M’Dowal, North Frederick-street, Rutland-square, Dublin, Esq.


Approaching Marriage in High Life.--We understand that the beautiful and accomplished Miss Bateson, Bart., of Belvoir Park, will shortly be led to the hymeneal altar by J.W. Gladstone, Esq., son of John Gladstone, Esq., of Fasque Park, Scotland, and Carlton Terrace, London. Captain Smith, brother to the Princess of Capua, will shortly be married to the Hon. Miss Catherine Abbot, sister to Lord Tenterden.


Awfully Sudden Death.--A sister of Cornelius Hickey, one of the prisoners convicted at the Commission for the murder of Mr. Cooper, dropped down dead in the town of Tipperary, on hearing that sentence of death was passed upon her brother--Nenagh Guardian.


Murder.--The Keeper of the Tipperary bridewell has been committed for the murder of his wife. The brutal occurrence took place at Tipperary on last Tuesday week.


Destruction of Bessbrook Spinning Mill.--Just as we were putting to press, we learned, with extreme regret, that the entire of the Spinning Mill of Joseph Nicholson, Esq. of Bessbrook, has been destroyed by fire. It commenced at an early hour yesterday afternoon, and the flames rapidly attained a height such as to baffle every attempt to subdue them. The mill was, we believe, at work. We hear that several of the workers flung themselves from the highest windows: one individual still remained in the burning fabric, of whom no trace has been discovered. It will be some consolation to the numerous friends of Mr. Nicholson to know that the property was insured.--Newry Telegraph.


A pig market has been lately established in Ardee, and no place in the country required one more. All that is wanting to render it permanently successful is the co-operation of the inhabitants of the town and surrounding country, particularly the trading and agricultural portions. The first of these markets were held on Tuesday last, and although the inclement state of the weather, and the circumstances attending the hurricane of the previous morning operated against it, yet there was a tolerably good show of pigs.--Drogheda Journal.


John Brien, Esq., of Castletown, as high sheriff, for this county, and Hugh Collum, Esq., of Enniskillen, sub-sheriff, were sworn into office last week before Arthur Thompson, Esq., Recorder of the Corporation and Commissioner to the Four Courts, Dublin.


The Earl of Charleville has left Tullamore forest for London, and it is doubtful if, in the present state of this country, his Lordship will return to Ireland. Thenoble Earl contemplates moving his establishment permanently to England, from a country where life and property are unsafe.


The Lord Primate, accompanied by his domestic Chaplain, the Rev. Mr. Jones, Ladies Catherine and Anne Beresford, and suite, left Curraghmore on Monday for the Palace at Armagh.


The Right Hon. John Viscount De Vesci has been chosen to be the Peer to sit and vote on the part of Ireland, in the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, in the room of John Baron Farnham, deceased.


A woman named Mary Murphy, was killed at Ballybay, on Saturday last, when leaving the town after having attended the market, by the wheel of a cart, which crushed her to death against the corner of Mr. Grey's house. The horse which drew the cart, had become restive and ran away, and the unfortunate deceased was unable to get clear of his course in time. We have not heard that an inquest was holden on the body, or, that proceedings have been instituted to levy a deodand on the horse and cart--however we believe the latter course will not be pursued, as the horse, &c. are the property of a poor widow, named Breaky, who is unable to pay any fine or impost. The deceased we regret to say, was the mother of six children.


On Thursday evening, the 17th inst., two men, John Guthrie of Mullenadava, and Richard Ross, of Imishamin, had some altercation up on the lands of Mart, in this county; when Ross treacherously drew a knife and stabbed Guthrie in the side.--Ross immediately absconded, and has as yet evaded the vigilence [sic] of the police. We are glad to state that some hopes are entertained of the recovery of Guthrie.


On the night of Wednesday, the 23d inst. a body of men, about twenty in number, armed with guns, pistols, &c., broke into the house of a man named Arthur Smyth, in the townland of Kilcrum, within two miles of Castleblany and robbed him of 11l. 5s., and also his gun. After beating his wife and stabbing his brother, they proceeded to the house of a man named Bernard M'Ardle, in the townland of Bracka, and after firing four shots, by which they wounded M'Ardle in the head, and his sister in the neck with slugs, they robbed him of a gun. The police, under the command of C.C. Mansfield, Esq. succeeded in taking one of the party, and he is now in the bridewell of this town. Too much praise cannot be given to the police for their exertions on this occasion.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Northern Standard and Monaghan, Cavan, and Armagh Advertiser, printed and published 26 January 1839 by the Proprietor, A.W. Holmes, at the "Standard" Office, No. 1, Market-street, Monaghan. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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