The Drogheda Conservative
or, Meath, Louth, Monaghan, and Cavan Advertiser.

July 15, 1837
Drogheda, County Louth.

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   Suddenly this morning, of apoplexy, the Rev. Michael Montague, Parish Priest of Clogher.


   The Magistrates of Ennis have taken the informations of William Stackpoole, Esq. against the Rev. J. M'Mahon, Roman Catholic Curate, for knocking him down in the streets of that town on Tuesday night.


A Modern Patriot.
   Mr. Fitzsimon, the son-in-law of the Big Beggarman of all Ireland, has been induced by £600 a-year as Clerk of the Hanaper, to forego the advocacy of "Justice to Ireland." What a magnanimous patriot! They are excellent patriots all, and quite disinterested.--Evening Packet.


   A rumour has reached us, that Mr. Naper, of Loughcrew, intends to stand for the Representation of Meath.


   We understand that the Hon. John Jocelyn will stand for the Borough of Dundalk, and with every probability of success. On the last occasion there were only three of a majority against him, he is the tried friend of the independent electors nd they should rally round him.
   It is rumoured that Counsellor Godly will canvass the Electors of Drogheda. His principles are moderate and he is possessed of considerable property in Drogheda.
   Yesterday the Corporation of Drogheda held their quarterly Assembly. Two persons were granted their freedom, and £20 per annum was voted to the Protestant Orphan Society. This is a truly laudable grant and reflects much credit on a Protestant Corporation.


Drogheda Quarter Sessions.
   On Thursday last the above Sessions were held before Robert Ball, Esq., Recorder. The following Gentlemen were sworn on the Grand Jury:
   John Ackland, Esq., George W. Evans, F.W. Leland, W. Rodger, Robert Thompson, Christopher Jordan, Patk. Boylan, Peter M'Evoy, T.F. Collins, Robert Daly, C.F. Collins, Charles M'Kenna, Wm. Campbell, Peter Verden and Samuel Crawford, Esqrs.
   Patrick Grogan was indicted for feloniously stealing the goods of Philip Cahil. Guilty.--One months [sic] imprisonment and hard labour.
   Owen Flanagan, Thomas Walsh and Christopher M'Kenna, were indicted for an assault on John Hawkins, Constable.
   The Jury returned a verdict of guilty against C. M'Kenna.--To be fined 3s., or a fortnight's imprisonment.
   Bernard Martin charged with stealing a diamond, the property of James Trotter, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to one fortnight's imprisonment.
   Elizabeth M'Fadden was indicted for stealing a pair of shoes, the property of John Lynch. Acquitted.
   E. Bowden, was indicted for stealing a piece of Beacon, the property of Christopher M'Donnell.--Acquitted.
   Anne Morris was found guilty of stealing a shift, the property of Mary Brady.--One week's imprisonment.
   Robert Moore was indicted for a common assault on Patrick Clark, pleaded guilty.--To be fined 10s., or one month's imprisonment.
   Thomas Kelly and Anne Carroll were indicted for maliciously assaulting the house of Mary Gamble.--Guilty.--T. Kelly, 6 months imprisonment and hard labour, Anne Carroll 6 months imprisonment.
   After the applications for licenses were disposed of, the Night Constables were sworn in, and a great number of the Roman Catholic electors took the oath of allegiance to the Queen.


Irish Railroad Bills.
   The Dublin and Kilkenny Railroad Bill has been read a third time in the House of Lords and passed. It only now waits for the Royal assent.
   The Bill for amending the Dublin and Drogheda Railroad Act has also been read a third time, and will be law in a few days.


   The 16th Lancers have replaced the 11th Light Dragoons, at Meerut, Bengal.
   The Marquess of Duro expects shortly to have the command of the 1st Rifle Brigade.
   Government are resolved to prosecute their intention of drawing in the military to head-quarters from country cantonments, which the police are in future to occupy. Several small stations are already given up, including Westport and Ballyshannon.
   The 46th Regiment will not leave Dublin for a fortnight, for embarkation at Cork.


General Election.
   Dublin County.--We are at a loss for candidates, but we are prepared to fight. A committee was this day formed to inspect the registry, and arrange for a contest. The resident gentry should bestir themselves quickly. They may reasonably calculate on the Hon. Randall Plunket, if properly solicited, as he has declined Drogheda.--Evening Packet.
   Fermanagh.--We are happy in being able to announce that the present most zealous and thoroughly Protestant representatives of Fermanagh have already addressed their constituents.
   Belfast.--Electors of Belfast, of every rank, grade and situation, be not deluded by the artifices of the enemies. They profess to have no partnership with Lord Belfast--why then have they covered the walls with a placard, calling on you not to give any promise to Messrs. Tennett and Dunbar, and carefully avoiding all allusion to his Lordship.
   Coleraine.--Reception of the Conservative Candidate.--On Saturday Mr. Litton made his promised entry into the loyal borough which he is destined to represent. The learned gentleman approached Coleraine in a travelling carriage and four horses, at about four o'clock, p.m., and was met at a distance of two miles, by all the gentry of the town and neighbourhood in their carriages.
   Bandon.--The electors have pledged themselves to return again to Parliament our present highly gifted representative.
   Cork City.--Colonel Chatterton, has offered himself as a candidate on Conservative principles. The attempt to prevent non-resident freemen from polling at the ensuing election has been formally abandoned.
   Cork County.--Mr. Longfield's Committee met on Monday for the first time, and entered on their duties with an ardour which augurs well for the cause confided to their care. The attendance was numerous, the arrangements for future proceedings were excellent, and the subscriptions announced, considerable.
   Youghal.--Mr. William Nichol, the Conservative candidate, arrived in Youghal on Monday. Every thing looks most cheering for the cause.
   Down.--The Earl of Hillsborough is among his constituents, making arrangements respecting his election, of which there is no doubt.
   Dungannon.--Lord Northland, a supporter of the Ministry has addressed the electors.
   Limerick.--Colonel the Hon. Richard Fitzgibbon, M.P., has addressed the electors of this county, soliciting their support at the ensuing election. A requisition is in progress for a meeting to nominate two Conservative candidates for this city.
   Sligo.--A Radical gentleman, named Somers, has addressed the electors of the borough of Sligo, and requests their support, in opposition to the present zealous and efficient Member, Mr. Martin.
   Tyrone.--This county will again be contested, it is said, by Lord Alexander. Lord Claude Hamilton is canvassing his constituents with great effect.


The Church.
   His Grace the Archbishop of Tuam has been pleased to appoint the Rev. Francis Kinkead to the curacy of Ballina. The Rev. E.W. Burton succeeds Mr. Kinkead at Athenry.
   The Annual Visitation for the Diocess of Ossory will be held in the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny on Thursday, the 27th instant, and not on Wednesday the 20th.
   The living of Ballinafa, in the diocese of Kildare, is vacant, it is in the gift of the Crown.
   The parishioners of Killyman have presented an address to their late Curate, the Rev. Wm. Pollock, on his appointment to St. Patrick's, Newry.
   A confirmation was held on Tuesday at St. Mary's Church, Clonmel, by his Grace the Archbishop of Cashel, assisted by the Very Rev. Dr. Cotton, when two hundred and six, principally young persons, were confirmed.
   The Reverend Doctor Neligan, for many years Curate of Saint Peter's, Cork, has been presented to the living of St. Mary's Shandon, in that city, vacant by the death of the late lamented rector, Doctor Quarry. This appointment reflects the highest credit on the respected patron, the Rev. Mr. Longfield, of Castlemary. Pious and highly educated, without the slightest affection or attempt at display, he has fully proved his efficiency as a practical parochial clergyman, in a residence of several years at Saint Peter's, whilst the soundness of his religious views, and his bland and amiable manner have endeared him to all classes of his parishioners.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Drogheda Conservative Journal, or Meath, Louth, Monaghan, and Cavan Advertiser, printed and published 15 July 1837 by John Apperson, at the Conservative Journal Office, 17 Peter-street, Drogheda. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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