The Enniskillen Chronicle & Erne Packet
March 11, 1824
Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

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  Sir John Newport
presented a petition from a town in this county, complaining of the want of a Church in the parish. We know of no place so circumstanced in Fermanagh except the village of Garrison, in which the want of a Church has certainly been greatly felt; but we believe the Bishop of the diocese is using the necessary means to remedy the loss and inconvenience to the Parish, and that whatever the obstacles may be, to the erection of a Church, he is most anxious to have them removed.


  In consequence of the indisposition of Lord Norbury, his situation on the Home Circuit is filled by Judge Moore.  The Hon. Justice Vandeleur takes Judge Moore’s place on the North-West Circuit. Serjeant Lefroy is gone [for] the Munster Circuit, in the room of Judge Vandeleur.--Correspondent.


To the Editor of the Erne Packet.
  Mr. Editor--You will herewith receive a memorandum of some importance, which I trust will console those of the fair sex who have unfortunately drawn a blank in the hymeneal lottery, and I sincerely hope that a sect of a similar description will be established in this neighbourhood, who will prevent the peace and quietness of this little town from being so frequently disturbed as it has been during the late winter, by matrimonial duets.  “We hear from B----h, that an odd sect have lately appeared there, who go under the denomination of “Regulators.” There are near a dozen of them, who dress themselves in women’s clothes, and painting their faces, go in the evening to the houses of such as are reported to have beat their wives, and one of them entering in first, seizes the delinquent, while the rest follow, strip him, turn up his posteriors, and flog him with rods most severely, crying out all the time, “Woe to the men that beat their wives.”  It seems that several persons in that village, (and it is said some very deservedly,) have undergone this discipline, to the no small terror of others, who are conscious of deserving similar chastisement.”
  A Regulator.
  M-------ge, March 1, 1824.

  The fair of this town yesterday was brisk, and price for cattle of all kinds good; but we regret to state that a riotous disposition manifested itself, which required the best exertions of the Magistrates and military to repress.


  There are 42 persons on the calendar of this county for trial at the approaching Assizes.


  A smart contest is expected for the representation of Leitrim, in the room of the late Luke White, Esq.--Three Candidates are already announced, and a fourth is talked of.


  On Thursday last, John Doherty, Esq., K.C., Recorder of Waterford, was returned to Parliament for New Ross. The Irish Bar seems to be in a tide of Parliamentary fortune.  Mr. North has been returned for an English borough.


Guild of Merchants.
Dublin, March 4.
  A very numerous and highly respectable Meeting of this Guild was held on Monday--The Senior Master, in the Chair.--The Senior Master, in the Chair.
  When a Resolution to petition both Houses of Parliament against the Roman Catholic Claims being moved in a concise, but very neat speech, by Sir A.B. King, Bart., and seconded by John Helton, Esq., who dwelt with great point and severity upon the insolent style and tone of the Petition agreed upon by the Catholics on last Friday.
  On the motion being put from the Chair, it was carried by acclamation, and a Committee of seven named to prepare and transmit the Petition to London for presentation.

Submitted by ajk.

Bibliographical Reference:  The Enniskillen Chronicle, and Erne Packet, printed 11 March 1824 by E. Duffy, at Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library. 

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