The Enniskillen Chronicle & Erne Packet
January 29, 1824
Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

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  On Wednesday last
a meeting took place at Emlyfad, near Ballymote, between John Thompson, Esq. and William Sherlock, of Mount Irwin, Esq. It was agreed that the parties should fire by signal; however, Mr. Sherlock’s pistol burnt priming, and we have heard that that gentleman’s side was grazed by his adversary’s ball. The friends of both parties then interfered, and happily terminated the business without any serious injury. The cause of the quarrel is said to be of a trivial nature.--Roscommon Gazette.


  At the Special Sessions under the Insurrection Act, held at Fermoy, on Saturday, before Mr. Blacker, Edward Magner was found guilty of being absent from his dwelling, and sentenced to be transported for seven years.--Limerick Chronicle.


  The Irish Court.--His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant held his first Levee for the season yesterday, at the Castle.  It was attended by a numerous and brilliant assemblage of Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Naval and Military Officers, &c. &c.  Upwards of 500 were present.


  His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been graciously pleased to present the Rev. Wm. Scott, A.B., to the Rectory of Kilbranelagh, in the diocese of Leighlin and Ferns, vacant by the death of the Rev. D.E. Blake, late Rector thereof.

  Thomas James Fetherston, Esq. of Bracklin Castle, is to be the High Sheriff of the county of Westmeath, this year.


  On Monday last fifteen men were apprehended at Toomavara, county of Tipperary, by that active Magistrate, Thomas R. Pepper, Esq., and a party of police. It appears they had collected from different parts of the country, and were sitting in committee at the time of their apprehension.--Several papers of a seditious nature were found in their possession by the police, and they were immediately forwarded to the gaol at Nenagh, where they will be tried under the Insurrection Act.


  On Monday night, the 19th instant, three men, two armed with pistols, and one with a blunderbuss or gun, entered the house of Pierce Egan, of Sart, midway between Ballynamara and Freshford, one of whom presented the blunderbuss at Dargan, and ordered him to give up James Hickey’s ground, or that at their next visit, which would not be far distant, they would take his life. The party retired, after shooting Dargan’s dog on his floor. Sart is situate at the rere of Upper-wood demesne, in the barony of Cranagh.


  A vacancy in the Representation of the County of Louth having occurred by the accession of the Right Hon. T.H. Skeffington to the Peerage, John Leslie Foster, Esq. has addressed the Electors, soliciting the honor of that trust.

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Bibliographical Reference:  The Enniskillen Chronicle, and Erne Packet, printed 29 January 1824 by E. Duffy, at Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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