The Enniskillen Chronicle & Erne Packet
January 15, 1824
Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

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David Lucas, Esq., eldest son of the late Francis Lucas, Esq., of Drominargle-House, in the County of Armagh, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Captain T. Hill, of the 68th Light Infantry.
   On Monday, 5th instant, at Culduff Church, county of Donegal, by the Rev. Richard Hamilton, George Henry Sarrat, Esq., Lieut. R. N., to Frances, fourth daughter of Thomas Davenport Hunt, Esq., of Kilrush, in the county of Clare.
   On Thursday morning, in St. Thomas's Church by the Rev. James Fea, Richard Patton, Esq., of the Ordnance-Office, youngest son of the late Colonel Patton, of Litchfield, to Anna Maria, only daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel James Cullen, of the Leitrim Militia.
   In Kilkenny, Henry T. Hearn, Esq., of Belturbet, to Miss Whitehead.


   On Tuesday, the 6th instant, Mr. Alexander Leard, of Aughnacloy, near Brookeboro', universally and deservedly lamented by all his friends and acquaintances.
   In Whitefriar street, Dublin, the Rev. Samuel Steel, Preacher in the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion, in the 59th year of his age, after a lingering illness of several months.
   At Knappa, on the 27th ultimo, James Johnson, Esq., in the 63d year of his age. The conduct of this respected Gentleman as a Magistrate of the county of Armagh was correct and exemplary.


   A circumstantial account of the murder in the county of Cavan, mentioned in our last, has been furnished to us as we expected, but throws little light on the melancholy subject. It occurred on the 26th, and not on the 29th ult., as before stated. A Reward of £300 has been offered for the disco- very of the perpetrators, and a proportionate sum for information tending to lead to such discovery. The wounds which occasioned the death of the unfortunate man, appeared on his forehead and cheeks, and were supposed by the surgeon who attended the inquest, to be inflicted by a blunt instrument. The verdict of the Coroner's Jury was wilful murder against some person or persons unknown. Mr. Smith, the deceased, our correspondent adds, was a man of some property, an excellent character, and liked by all parties. So great a favourite was he in the country, that it is supposed by some his death was accidental, and not perpetrated by human hands. He bore no other marks of violence than those above described, nor were his clothes in any way disturbed or torn. His money, papers, and watch, were in his pockets when found. We understand that no persons have yet been charged with, or committed for the offence.


(From the Newry Telegraph.)
   Great alarm and anxiety have been excited by the disappearance of a worthy young fellow named Peter Kelly, of Ballyaghley, near Rosstrevor, on the night of last Christmas. He had been drinking at a shebeen house kept by one Douney, and was accompanied, on his return home, at ten o'clock, by two friends, not intoxicated, a short distance from his father's house. There, however, he did not appear, nor has he since been heard of. A day or two after Kelly's extraordinary disappearance, a great number of neighbours assembled, and proceeded to make a search for his body in every place where he possibly might have been lost ; the search has been continued for several days, hitherto without the least success.
   A most minute inquiry into the circumstances relating to this mysterious case took place at Narrow-water, on Friday last, before Roger Hall, William James M'Guire, James Read, and Trevor Corry, Esqrs. The investigation continued the whole day. Two persons have been taken up on suspicion, and, for the present, they remain in close confinement. Several other particulars that have come to our knowledge we forbear to notice,at least until the labours of those active Magistrates shall be concluded, confident that the hand of Divine Providence will direct them on whom to fix the charge of this foul and wicked deed.


 Mr. Sherlock, of this city, has contracted with Government for a supply of 1,500 additional tierces of beef. Dublin Correspondent.


    MURDER.--A shocking murder was committed on Sunday, between Rathangan and Kildare, on the lands of Dunmurry, where at an early hour, a man named Fitzgerald was murdered by cutting his throat. The murderer is known, and the utmost vigilance is being exercised to cause his apprehension. A mounted policeman arrived at the Head Office yesterday with this intelligence. We have not yet learned further particulars.--Patriot.


And immediate possession given,
A. 2R. ; and lately occupied by
Mr. C
is of the best quality, situate in the Parish of Boho, about
six miles from the town of Enniskillen. Proposals to be re-
ceived by the Right Hon. the E
ARL of ERNE, Dublin, and
AVID GUMLEY, Esq., Belturbet. (If by letter to the latter,
to be post-paid.)
   January 14th, 1824.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Enniskillen Chronicle, and Erne Packet, printed 15 January 1824 by E. Duffy, at Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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