The Coleraine Chronicle
May 25, 1844
Coleraine, County Derry

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Election for the City of Montreal.
Return of Lewis Thomas Drummond, Esq.
   We observe by an extra edition of the Montreal Pilot of the 17th, and the Transcript of the 18th, April last, that the hardly contested election for that city, between Drummond and Molson, has terminated in the return of the former, (the whig candidate by a majority of 920[)]. There was considerable rioting during the election; and we are sorry to add, lives were lost, and many persons seriously injured.
   The successful candidate, Mr. Drummond, is a native of Coleraine, and emigrated to Canada about nineteen years since, when he commenced the study of the law, and has for the last twelve years held a distinguished place in his profession, among the most talented and successful advocates of the Canadian Bar.


   Provincial Bank of Ireland.--On Thursday the annual general meeting of the shareholders of this Company was held at the establishment in Old Broad-street, Matthias Attwood, Esq., M.P., in the chair. After a few preparatory remarks by the Chairman, Mr. Marshall, the Secretary, read the report of the Directors, in which the usual allusion to the agricultural and commercial state of Ireland was made, which last year passed over with greater exemption from mercantile failures in trades connected with Ireland than for many preceding years. The linen manufacture of Ulster was fairly maintained, and, as to the cultivation of flax, it had greatly increased in the quantity raised, as well as in the improvement of the quality, which being conducted under the Belgian system of management, recently introduced, and now becoming so prevalent in the North of Ireland, it was thought would supersede, in a great measure, the necessity of importing the finer description of flax from the Continent. The only circumstance of importance connected with the Provincial Bank of Ireland was the discontinuance of the branch bank of Moneymore, in the County of Londonderry. Allusion was made to the low value of money, which had been greater during the past year than at any period since the establishment of this bank, in the year 1825. The Government regulations as to the system of banking generally was not thought likely to affect the banks of issue in Ireland, while at the same time no new banks of issue in any part of the kingdom will be allowed. Though the accounts showed the income not to be equal to former years, the Directors were, notwithstanding, enabled to continue a dividend of 8 per cent per annum, as hitherto, and would also make an addition of £2,300 to the rest of last year. The rest, on the 25th March, 1843, was £97,121 9s. 10d., from which deduct two half-yearly dividends, together £43,200, would leave a balance of £53,921 9s. 10d., to which must be added the nett profits for the past year, £45,501 4s. 10d., showing the rest on the 30th March, 1844, to be £99,422 14s. 8d., from which it was proposed to pay a dividend of four per cent for the half year ending Midsummer next, at the rate of eight per cent per annum. The report was adopted, and four Directors having been re-elected, the thanks were unanimously voted to the Chairman and Directors, and also to Mr. Marshall, the Secretary, and the principal officers of the establishment, when the meeting adjourned.--London Standard.

   The Lord Chancellor, on the recommendation of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, has been pleased to appoint James Murray, of Bond's Hill, Esq., to the Commission of the Peace for the Borough of Londonderry.--Derry Sentinel.


   Infanticide.--D. Gailey, Esq., Coroner for the County of Londonderry, held an inquest, in the Court-House, Coleraine, on the evening of Wednesday, 22d May, on the body of an infant found in a pipe, in a field at Ballysally, by two boys who were shovelling potatoes. The boys went to the pipe to search for water to drink; their attention was attraced by an offensive smell; and, on examining further, they discovered the remains of the child rolled up in a coarse cloth.
   No evidence could be procured to lead to the discovery of how the body had been placed there, nor could any information be obtained from the examination made of it.--[Communicated.]


    The Depot of the 79th Highlanders, consisting of 12 officers and 240 men, arrived in town on Thursday last, on their way from Glasgow, and proceeded next morning to Derry, to relieve the 1st Royals, who proceed to Birr.


   The newly appointed Agent to the Mercers' Company arrived in Kilrea on Tuesday last. We understand he returns in a week or two to England, preparatory to entering on the duties of the Agency. George Beckneil, Esq., is the gentleman appointed.

   The entire sum received by the Rev. J. Simpson in America, up to the latest accounts, on behalf of the new Meeting-house in Portrush, amounted to £800.


Navigation of the Bann.
In consequence of a communication made to W. Delap, Esq., Collector of Customs at this port, by the active and indefatigable member for our Borough, announcing that a survey of the Bann from Lough Neagh to this town, was about to be commenced by Engineers nominated by the Board of Works, and recommending that a Memorial should be forwarded to that Board, praying that the survey might be extended, so as to include the navigation of the river from the town to the sea--a meeting of gentlemen, who have taken a decided interest in so desirable an undertaking, was held on Saturday last at the Commissioners' Board-Room, when the communication referred to having been read and submitted to the consideration of the meeting, it was unanimously agreed to adopt the course therein recommended; and a Memorial to the Board of Works, praying that the survey about to be undertaken by its Engineers should be extended to the sea, and offering to defray the additional expense, was immediately signed, and has since been forwarded to the Board.--[Communicated.]
   [W.T. Mulvany, Esq., one of the Commissioners of Drainage, arrived in town on Wednesday Evening, on a tour of inspection of the river.--Ed C.C.


Dissenters' Chapels Bill.
A Petition against this Bill, from the Presbyterian Congregations of Coleraine in connexion with the General Assembly, to which were attached upwards of 1100 names, was forwarded by Monday night's mail to John Boyd, Esq., for presentation to the House of Commons;--also, petitions from the Independent and Baptist Congregations of Coleraine, for the same purpose.--[Communicated.]


   Mr. Williamson, Portrush, gratefully acknowledges the receipt of £2 4s. from Mrs. May, Oak Hotel--being donations received from her guests, from time to time, towards the Portrush Meeting-house.

   Colonel Cairnes, thankfully acknowledges the following additional Subscriptions to the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Benevolent Society:--J. Lancey, Esq., J.P., Henry O'Hara, Esq., J.P., Stephen Bennett, Esq., Mrs. S. Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Esq., J.P., Lieutenant Sharp, R.N., Charles Knight, Esq., S.H. Campbell, Esq., M.D., Master H. Hurley, Mr. T. Edmonds, and Rev. H.J. Heathcote, 2s. 6d. each; Rev. William Mill, 5s. He also acknowledges subscriptions from the Boatmen of the following Boats:--
   Hawk--W. Lewis, W. Brown, Joseph M'Ilroy, and William M'Gowan.
   Friends--William, Daniel, and David M'Kirgan, and James Boyd.
   John--W. Morison, John Morison, William Brown, and James Shaw.
   Fly--James Spence, Henry Spence, D. M'Gowan, and Jas. Wilson.
   Rover--James M'Kirgan, William M'Kirgan, Sam Turbitt, and John M'Connell.
   Hope--Archibald Frizzel, Robert M'Kirgan, Daniel Leacock, and Alexander Beacon.
   Shamrock--John M'Kirgan, James Hayes, George Coleman, and Allen M'Kirgan.
   Eagle--William Wilson, John M'Fee, Wm. Martin, Randal M'Donnell.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Coleraine Chronicle, and Ballymena, Ballymoney, Ballycastle, Bushmills, Dervock, Dreperstown, Garvagh, Kilrea, Maghera, Magherafelt, Moneymore, Newtownlimavady, Portstewart, and Portrush Weekly Advertiser, printed and published 25 May 1844, for the Proprietor, every Saturday Morning, by George V. Robinson, at his Office, 31, Meeting-house-lane, Coleraine. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library. 

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