The Portadown Weekly News
and County Armagh Advertiser.

July 23, 1859
Portadown, county Armagh

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ON BEHALF OF THE ABOVE FUND, will be Preached in the WESLEYAN CHAPEL, THOMAS-STREET, on TO-MORROW, Sunday, 24th July, by the Rev. JOHN NELSON.
   On each a COLLECTION will be made.


   ARMAGH MILITIA REGIMENT.—Lieut.-Col. Caulfeild has resigned in favor of Major Cross.


   ADDRESS AND PESENTATION [sic] TO THE REV. CHARLES GRANT.—On Tuesday, the 11th inst., a deputation of the Members of the Wesleyan Society, Limerick, waited on the Rev. Charles L. Grant, on his removal from that city to Drogheda, and presented him with an Address and a beautiful Ten Service ; we copy the following extract from the address :--“ However unwilling, we must now admit that the time of your departure is at hand. Your ministerial course amongst us has ceased. We feel it deeply. We regret it exceedingly, and heartily wish it were otherwise. But we must give you up ; we cannot retain you. God has owned your labours in his Church here, and now He calls you to work in another part of the vineyard. Our prayers will follow you. Our spirits will unite, and ascend to the God of all grace, that He may bless you and make you a blessing.”— Mr. Grant is son-in-law of our townsman, the Rev. John Armstrong, Wesleyan Minister.—Lurgan Gazette.

   CASE OF STABBING.—On Saturday night last, two men, named Wells and O’Hara, who had been drinking until a late hour in a public house at Dollingstown. On their way home, they got up a quarrel between them, when Wells was stabbed in the abdomen by O’Hara. Wells now lies in a very precarious state in the Hospital of the Lurgan Union Workhouse, while O’Hara awaits, in Downpatrick gaol, the result of his brutal conduct.--Ibid.


   Magistrates present—T. A. Shillington, J. O. Woodhouse, and W. Reid, Esqrs.
   The cases were unimportant.
   The Town Commissioners v Joseph Milksop, one of our town vagabones, for playing ball on the public street. To be imprisoned for one month.
    Margaret Reid v Margaret M’Lindon, for using abusive language. Dismissed.

   Head-constable Scott v Anne Jane Stewart, for selling beer without a license.
   The witnesses underwent a hot examination from the Head-constable, but, as the magistrates expressed it, it was almost impossible to get truthful evidence in a case of the sort, and they dismissed the case.
   Same v William Mann, for a like offence. Fined 5s and costs.

   Constable M’Loughlin v. William M’Gurk, and James Gelson, for obstruction, by fighting on the street.—Fined 1s each and costs.
   Sub-constable Quin v. Hugh Tennison, for not having his name on his cart. Fined 1s and costs.
   Sarah Magee v. Mary Marlay, for using abusive language. Bound over to keep the peace.

   Head-constable Scott v. John M’Mannis, of Springfield, for having in his possession an untrue beam and scales. Fined 5s and costs, and scales be forfeited.
   Isaac Taylor v. Thomas Lavery, Thomas Bennett, and Meredith M’Cann, for an assault on 10th July.—This arose out of wearing an orange lily. Fined 6s each and costs.
   M’Cann had a cross case against Taylor which was dismissed.
   Jane Gordon v. Mary Martin, both of Portadown, for assault. Fined 6d and costs.


   On the 21st, at Seagoe House, the wife of the Rev. Ambrose S. C. B. Cave, of a son.

   On the 12th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin, by the Rev. James Bell, Tandragee, Mr. Hugh Wright, of Dublin, to Maryanne Kinkead, daughter of James Kinkead, Esq., Tandragee.

   On the 14th inst., in Dublin, Simon Armstrong, Esq., of Hollymount House, J.P. and D.L. for Fermanagh.
   On Thursday last, in this town, the infant son of Mr. Thomas Guy.


The town of Lurgan has had a great gloom cast over it, by the sudden and unexpected decease of the above deeply lamented gentleman. He had gone on Saturday last to practice with the Lurgan Demesne Cricket Club, (of which he was an active member.) previous to a contest between that Club and the Banbridge one. While he was practising at the wicket, and as a match was being made, he was observed to stagger and fall, and although medical aid was almost immediately at hand, in a few minutes he had ceased to exist.—Lurgan Gazette.


Church of Knockamuckly, near Portadown, in accordance with the Plans and Specifications of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.
   The Plans and Specifications may be seen at the residence of the Incumbent, Rev. A. DAWSON, Drumlin, Portadown ; or, at the Office of the Architect, WILLIAM FULLERTON, Esq., Palace Row, Armagh.


   The National Cattle Show for 1859 will be held at Dundalk on the 27th, 28th, and 29th July.
   ON EACH DAY A SPECIAL TRAIN WILL leave Portadown at 9.15 a.m., stopping at all Stations, and arriving at Dundalk at 10.40 p.m. ; and will leave Dundalk to return at 7.10 p.m. arriving at Portadown at 8.30 p.m., in time for the trains to Armagh and Dungannon.
   On the 27th a train will leave Dundalk at 10.30 p.m., after the Banquet, stopping at all Stations, and by which Passengers for Stations between Portadown and Belfast can travel.
   On the 29th by the 9.15 a.m. train Return Tickets, at Single Fares, will be issued to Dundalk.
   For further particulars see bills.
By Order,
   H. M. BOURNE,
   Dundalk, 15th July, 1859.


   In the Rev. Mr. Flavell’s garden, Loughgall, a stalk bearing the extraordinary number of 54 potatoes was dug up last week.


   The Rev. John Hall, of Dublin, and Mr. Kinghan, Principal of the Ulster Society Institution for promoting the education of the Deaf, &c., held a meeting in the Duke of Manchester’s School-house, Portadown, on Thursday last.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Portadown Weekly News, and County Armagh Advertiser, printed and published 23 July 1859 by John H. Farrell, at his office, 44, High-street, Portadown. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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