The Portadown Weekly News
and County Armagh Advertiser.

May 28, 1859
Portadown, county Armagh

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   These Sessions were held in the Town Hall, Lurgan, on Tuesday last--Lord Lurgan presiding. The other magistrates and cesspayers present were--J. Hancock, J.P.; J. W. Greer, J.P.; Francis Fforde, James Malcolm, Francis Watson, Samuel Ruddell, Ralph Bullock, W. W. Paul, Matthew Cooke, Esqrs.; Archdeacon Saurin. J. G. Winder, Esq., Secretary to the Grand Jury, was also in attendance.
   The usual presentment for the repairs of the roads, bridges, &c., were passed.
   Mr. Leonard Uprichard, of Lurgan, applied for the nominal sum of £659, for damage sustained to his house and premises, on the 12th March last. The amount, however, of assessed damage was £341 12s. 8d. Mr. O'Rorke, of Belfast, appeared for Mr. Uprichard.
   Upon examination, Mr. Uprichard stated that the buildings cost upwards of £1,000, and the damage sustained by the breakage of glass, &c., was over £20.
   Mr. H. Colvin deposed that, after examination of Mr. Uprichard's premises, the day after the explosion, his estimate for repairs of the damage amounted to £107 2s. 8d. ; but this would not put the house in the same state of repair that it was previous to the explosion. It was £200 less value now, and it would take £500 to rebuild it, using the old materials.
   John Colvin, the son of the last witness was next called and corroborated his father's evidence.
   Mr. Morris contended that according to the Act of Parliament, the Court had no power to award compensation.
   It was decided to leave the legal question to the Judge of assizes.
   J. Hancock, Esq., J.P., moved, and J. W. Greer, Esq., J.P., seconded, that £341 12s. 8d., be allowed.
   Mr. F. Watson moved, and Mr. S. Ruddell seconded that the same be reduced to £241 12s. 8d.
   Mr. O'Rorke drew the attention of the Court to the provisions of the act, authorising them to assess one half the amount on the County of Down. There was a probability that the parties who committed the act resided in that County.   Mr. Hancock moved that it should be recommended to the Grand Jury to apply to the Judge of assize, to apportion one half on the County of Down--Mr. S. Ruddell seconded the motion.
   Mr. Greer moved as an amendment and Mr. Watson seconded it, that the Court should make no such recommendation.
   On the poll being demanded, the original motion was carried.
   Mr. Morris next applied to the Court on behalf of the Duke of Manchester, for the sum of £20, the amount of damage sustained by him through the burning of five bays of a house at Baltier. It was not for the value of the claim, but to put a stop to such outrages that the Duke of Manchester sought for some compensation.
   Mr. O'Rorke, of Belfast, who was specially retained on the part of the Cesspayers, contended that the Court had no jurisdiction on account of the Duke of Manchester not having within three days of the injury sustained given information on oath, nor had any of his servants given such information. Considerable discussion ensued after which the Bench overruled the objection.
   John Curran was examined at some length upon the facts of the burning by Mr. Morris, but, on cross examination by Mr. O'Rorke, admitted that he had sworn his information on the 5th of May, but had not seen the premises from the 29th of April until the 9th of May.
   Mr. Morris contended that the fact of the witness having sworn the information was sufficient, and that it was not necessary he should see the premises. Re-examined by Mr. O'Rorke--There had been numerous ejectments lately on the Duke of Manchester's estate. It was customary to pull down the cotter houses and leave the farm houses. The ones burned had not been pulled down, nor did he believe the school children were allowed to play in them.
   W. Robinson, one of the parties ejected at Baltier, examined--Was put in possession again by Curran. John Malcomson, Ellen M'Dowell, Joseph Gracey, Fifer Best, and Mudwall Best, were also dispossessed ; the latter was also put again in possession. Two persons only aided on the night of the fire, the place being so confined they could not well do so. The door had been taken off, and he and others had smoked there.
   Mr. O'Rorke inquired where Mr. O'Brien was, when he was informed by Mr. M'Henry that he was in Clare. Several persons in the court exclaimed they "hoped he would stay there."
   Mr. O'Rorke then addressed the Bench in an able speech reviewing the evidence, and urging that there was not sufficient proof to show that the burning was malicious. He remarked that the evidence of Robinson went to show that the fire might very easily have arisen through accidental circumstances. He wished to examine the Sheriff's man.
   He refused to answer any questions, until Lord Lurgan insisted upon his doing so, but his examination did not bear upon the case either one way or the other.
   The Court then entered into a short deliberation, and awarded 5s. for each bay, in all 25s. Mr. Greer rose to move that the sum should be £20. This was not seconded. 


   May 25, at St. Helena Place, Dundalk, the wife of Mr. David Lockhart, of twins.
   May 20, at Markethill, the wife of the Rev. Robert Shannon, minister of Cladymore, of a daughter.
   May 21, at Banbridge, the wife of James Price, Esq., of a son.
   May 18, at Donegal, the wife of Mr. J. F. Copeland, of a daughter.
   On the 20th inst., at Pound-street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Thomas Douglas, of a son.


   On the 23rd inst., in Ballymanab, by the Rev. E. Campbell, Edward Corr, Esq., to Anna, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Quinn, Esq., Tandragee.
   On Wednesday, 25th inst., in Lurgan Church, by the Rev. Thomas Knox, and afterwards in the Roman Catholic Chapel, by the Rev. Dr. O'Brien, Mr. Alexander M'Keown, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Gordon Collins, both of Lurgan.
   May 17, in Bryansford Church, by the Rev. J. A. Beers, Rector of Donaghcloney, Leslie Thompson, Esq., Captain 58th Regt., youngest son of the late Lieut.-Col. Thompson, to Jane Leslie, youngest daughter of William Beers, Esq., Brook Castle, Newcastle, County of Down.


   On 22nd May, at Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Mr. James Henry, aged 65 years. He was an old resident of Portadown, and was deservedly respected by all classes. His remains were removed to the family burying ground at Drumcree.


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Portadown Weekly News, and County Armagh Advertiser, printed and published 28 May 1859 by John H. Farrell, at his office, 44, High-street, Portadown. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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