The Portadown Weekly News
and County Armagh Advertiser.

May 21, 1859
Portadown, county Armagh

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  WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.--Head-Constable Scott and one of the force went on their rounds yesterday inspecting the weights and measures, and made several seizures. Very likely we will hear more of it.


   We find that a meeting of proprietors of lands within the Drainage District of Lough Neagh, has been convened for Thursday, the 2nd of June next, at the Court House, in Belfast, at one o'clock afternoon, for the purpose of electing 15 Trustees of the Drainage Works. It is of great importance to the proprietors, owners, and occupiers that this meeting should be very fully attended, so that a proper choice may be made of Trustees, whose powers for good or evil are very exclusive. The direction now vested in the Commissioners of Public Works will be transferred to the Trustees, who are authorised to appoint such surveyors, officers, clerks, and assistants as they may think required for conservation of the Works. Under the provisions of the Act of Parliament, all persons chargeable with tax have an equal voice at the first election, though it is otherwise at all subsequent elections, when proprietors vote according to the extent of their lands. The proprietors should also recollect that if any redress for the wrongs they complain of can be obtained, and for inquiry into the misconduct of the Board of Works, the Trustees now elected will be the persons whose special duty it is to seek for a remedy, by application to Parliament or a memorial to the Lords of the Treasury. The proprietors will therefore see how necessary it is to have proper, active, and independent Trustees elected at this first meeting--men able and willing to do their duty without fear of any man. But for that purpose every owner and occupier must personally attend the election.


    The new Act for recovery of small debts before the Magistrates at Petty Sessions is now in force.--Processes for sums under £2, contracted within twelve months, can be brought to Petty Sessions.--The proper forms are for sale at the Stamp Office, 43, Thomas-street, Portadown.  


     ATTEMPTED SUICIDE.--On Thursday last, about two o'clock, a woman resident in this town, attempted to commit suicide by throwing herself in the Bann, below the bridge. By great exertion she was brought to land. We understand this has not been the first attempt.  


     ALLEGED MURDER.--On Saturday last, an inquest was held in Kilmore, by Edward D. Atkinson, Esq., on the body of a man named Kelly, who was found dead on the day previous. The jury were unanimous in returning a verdict of "Wilful murder against some person unknown." A man named Joseph Potts, with his daughter, have been arrested on suspicion, and committed for further examination. Deceased was a very quiet man.


     PRESENTATION.--The friends of James Cuthbertson, Esq., entertained him at supper, at Martin's Hotel, on the occasion of his leaving Portadown, and afterwards presented him with a splendid silver lancet case, as a mark of their esteem. The supper was served in Mr. Martin's usual good style, and gave general satisfaction.  


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Bibliographical Reference:  The Portadown Weekly News, and County Armagh Advertiser, printed and published 21 May 1859 by John H. Farrell, at his office, 44, High-street, Portadown. Transcribed by Alison Kilpatrick, and posted to the IrelandOldNews web site, by permission of the British Library.

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