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Richard Hamilton a young ex-British Navy man aged about 28 years, made an unsuccessful attempt to end his life by cutting his throat with a razor on Sat night last. From the facts it would appear that at about 8 O'Clock Hamilton and a younger brother aged 18 years were in their home at No.4 New Street.  The younger boy went out to fetch a bucket of water, and on his return he was horrified to find the older many lying on the floor in a pool of blood. There were five separate gashes from which blood flowed copiously on the left side of the unfortunate man's neck between the end of the ear and the top of the shoulder.  He was in a collapsed and very weak condition, and was only semi-conscious.
A priest and doctor were quickly summoned and the latter ordered the man's immediate removal to the Waterord Co. and City Infirmary.
At the latter institution it was found that the wounds were not as serious as at first supposed and after his injuries had been dressed Hamilton was certified to be insane and was transferred to the Waterford Mental Hospital where he now remains.

To a gap in the razor used is attributed the fact that such a determined attempt to commit suicide proved futile. Acorss this gap presumably with a view to making the razor more effective for shaving purposes Hamilton had placed a small piece of cloth or linen, and the assumption is that meeting with this obstruction as it was drawn across the throat the razor failed to cut through.  Had the edge of the razor beeen intact it is doubtful if Hamilton would be alive today.

Hamilton who is a married man has been strange in his manner for the past couple of weeks, and was not living with his wife.  It is stated that he had been out of employment for a considerable period and that he had not been resident in the city for some years past, only returning to Waterford about a week ago.  At the infirmary it was learned that the wounds inflicted consisted of five small gashes none of which was considered serious.

Richard Hamlton is said to belong to the family of Hamilton two members of which Otho and John, were musical professors here about a century ago.  Wallace the famous composer of "Maritana" recevied lessons in violin playing from Otho Hamilton between the years 1825 and 1827.

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