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Waterford Standard; Waterford, Ireland; Saturday, June 4, 1898

City Petty Sessions 

These sessions were held yesterday (Friday) before the Mayor, Ald. Nelson, and Mr Ulicke Bourke.


      The case against Catherine Prince and Michael Prince for neglecting their children, which had been before the court on that day month was adjourned again for a like period.
      Mr. Small, N.S.P.C.C., was examined and stated that the case was adjourned before to see if they would improve; both of them were under sentences of imprisonment at the time for other offences when this charge was brought; the wife had been in jail seven days, and the husband managed to make up the fines; since then they were keeping sober which was a great matter, and they had promised to make some additions to the home. 
     The Mayor-Very well, the bench will give them another chance.


      Annie Mahoney was also summoned by Mr. Small for allowing a child named Ellen Duggan to beg in the streets. 
     Complainant stated that this was not defendants own child, but the practice prevailed in the city of borrowing children for the purpose of begging; on that day week he saw the defendant about 9 p.m. going into a shop on the Quay, and on seeing that she was observed she ran away but witness overtook her.
      The defendant having made the strange defence that she was begging unintentionally and had never asked for alms before. 
     Alderman Nelson- Well, do you plead guilty to doing it this time? 
     Defendant-I suppose I must when the captain (Mr Small) says it (Laughter). 
     Mr. Bourke(to complainant)-you have got a new title now. Defendant was ordered to pay 5s and costs or be imprisoned for a week.

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