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The Waterford News, 31 October 1851

(From our Dungarvan Correspondent.)
Dungarvan, Oct. 28, 1851.
On the night of the 27th instant, a man of the name of James Troy, bailiff and driver, was on his way home from Ardmore, and at a place called Killingford, within two miles of this town, was way-laid by some persons, who most brutally murdered him. The unfortunate man's head was literally broken with stones, so much so, that it was impossible to recognise him by his features, as the head was divided into four parts, which was tossed about the road, together with the brains. I understand the principal cause of this most awful murder was, that Troy was to give some evidence against some parties at the present Quarter Sessions, which would prove most injurious to them, and be instrumental in having them shipped off from this unfortunate country. Thomas Dennehy, Esq., Coroner, held an inquest on the body of the deceased this day, and the verdict of the jury was, "That James Troy was wilfully murdered by some person or persons at present unknown." On this morning (the 28th) the police were ordered out, under the command of their most efficient and excellent officer, Charles M. Kierns, Esq., and most providentially he succeeded in apprehending the supposed murderers, five in number, three men and two women, who were lodged in our Bridewell to await the investigation of the magistrates this day. I shall send you the result of this important examination, and would have done so this day, but not having been concluded up to the time of post hour.

On Sunday morning last, a man of the name of James Regan, who was tried at Lismore Quarter Sessions, for stealing apples, the property of Mr. Baldwin, and was sentenced to seven years transportation, most unfortunately made his escape out of the Bridewell. It appears that a house took fire in the vicinity of the place, which attracted the notice of the congregation that was coming from mass at the time, together with the inhabitants of the locality who assembled on the occasion. Ryan [sic] thinking this a fit opportunity of making his exit, took off his coat and hat, and brought a piece of stick with him, worked his body through the chimney, and when he came out at the top, he placed his hat and cap on the stick while he slipped down to the gutter, and from this he got down by the shoot, landing safely on the ground. During the great bustle he was not perceived by the police or military, and had full time to be many miles distant before he was discovered. At length the police casting a vigilant eye around the prison, perceived the coat and hat, and they called out in a stentorian voice, "go back prisoner, or you will be shot." There was no reply. Then the police became so provoked and exasperated at the obstinacy and stupidity of the supposed criminal, that they fired at him ! but, behold you, instead of killing him, they only perforated his old coat and hat ! ! !

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