Roscommon Herald
19 April 1902

The Auxilliaries

The next matter under consideration of the affiliation
of Cloonloo and Carrowcrory auxilliaries with the
Boyle Society. [.] The experts of the Irish
Agricultural Organization Society, Mr Horace Plunkett
and Father Finlay, were in favour of the establishment
of the auxilliaries.

Mr Cryan said he had come there on behalf of the
Carrowcrory auxiliary. He even advised the Carrowcrory
shareholders not to come to this meeting as
shareholders at all, although he believed they got
notice to attend. He told them not to attend as it
would cause friction.

Chairman - That is a wrong opinion.

Mr Cryan said from experience at the last meeting it
would come to something like it. They came prepared to
pay their own expenses, and if required would pay for
their house and machinery. They only wanted
co-operation. They were prepared to do their part if
the Boyle Society did theirs.

Mr McManamy - I think I can speak for the Cloonloo
shareholders, and I say we are prepared to pay for our
house and machinery.

The chairman asked how may cows they could guarantee
from Carrowcrory.

Mr Cryan - Unfortunately I did not come exactly

Chairman - Would you have 200?

Mr Cryan - We could have 500 cows. We have 300 at the
present time.

Mr McManamy said he could endorse every word of what
Mr Cryan had said with regard to the expense of
getting up the house and machinery. He defied any man
prove that their expenses will be 3 a week. [.]


Submitted by: Ellen Herron

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