Roscommon Herald
30 March 1895

Transfer of License

    Mr John Cryan applied for the transfer of the license held by Mr F.R. Phillips, Bridge St, Boyle.
    Mr Gillespie explained that Mr Cryan had Mr McDermot, solicitor, employed but that gentleman was absent.
    Mr Michael Cunningham, T.C. said he had all the documents in connection with the sale of the house to Mr Cryan, which sale he as an auctioneer had executed.  On Mr McDermot's return the assignment would be completed.
    Mr Bull - Is he in possession of the premises?
    Mr Cunningham - Virtually. He has paid the money.
    In reply to Mr Bull,     Mr Cryan said he desired to carry on the spirit trade in Mr Phillips premises.
    Mr Bull - I was under the impression that you were taking Mr O'Connor's house.
    Mr Cunningham - No. Mahon's house. He expended a large sum of money on that place, but, of course, he will have to forego it.
    Mr Bull  - Very well, the bench are unanimous in granting the license
till the June Quarter Sessions.
    A few unimportant drunkenness cases having been disposed of, their worships rose.


Submitted by: Ellen Herron
Typed by Pat Hunt

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