Roscommon Herald
Saturday July 27, 1895

Alleged Abusing A Woman

    Mrs Bridget Cryan, the Crescent, summoned James Quinn, a neighbour, for using abusive language towards her. There was a cross-summons for a like offence.
    Plaintiff stated that Quinn gave her the height of
scandal. He said he would walk on her, called her a rogue, and said her husband was a rotten soldier. She had to bring him up before for his conduct.
    Mr Bull - What is the cause of this?
    Quinn - It is all politics, sir (laughter).
    Plaintiff - I never spoke to him for the last three years, since I got him bound to the peace ---
    Quinn - You and your husband only summon at
election times. I deny the charge.
    Mr Bull - Have you any questions to ask her?
    Quinn - I have (to plaintiff) - On your oath did you not say on the 18th that "the Parnellites" and the "big-headed man"
(laughter) were landed?
-On my oath I did not, and I can call a gentleman who
witnessed your conduct.
    Mrs Ellen Doherty deposed to hearing Quinn say he
would walk on Mrs Cryan, who never answered him. Quinn was always at her (witness) as well as Mrs Cryan.
    Quinn - Didn't this woman send you to abuse me?
    Witness - Never.
    Quinn - She did, and especially since the last General Election they would not allow a cart of turf turn up to my door. I never spoke to this woman or her husband by night and day since the last General Election.
   Mr Bull - She says you did more than abuse her.
    Quinn - Well, I did not.
    Martin Doherty was called for the plaintiff. He said he was passing by the scene of the row when Mrs Cryan called him to witness the affair. He only heard Mr Quinn say he would not be walked upon.
    Plaintiff said Mr Powell, of the bank, witnessed the defendant's conduct.  
    Richard Fairbanks was also called in support of
Mrs Cryan. He thought it was only an ordinary scolding match between the two (laughter). He heard Quinn call plaintiff a rogue.
    Plaintiff - On your oath did you hear me answering
him? - I did. They were both abusing each other.

    The cross-case was then gone into.
    Quinn deposed that on the evening of the 18th -
the nomination day for North Roscommon - Mrs Cryan and Mary Doherty came out and abused him.
On the morning of that evening he was at the rent-office
complaining that they would not allow a cart be brought to his door. She said --"the big-headed Orangeman is landed" (laughter) and "priest-hunter." Previous to that she sent her son, of something about five years, after him to call him the
same thing.
    Mr Bull - How do you know whether she did or not?
   Quinn - I saw her telling him. She is trying to corrupt me and break my vote since the last General Election (a laugh).
    Mrs Cryan - He has a gun in the place, and he said
he would blow my brains out.
    Corporal Cryan then ascended the table.
    Quinn - This man goes around the town with his
pamphlets trying to induce people to vote for ---
    Mr Bull - Why would he not do that? He has a
perfect right to do it.
    Corporal Cryan, not being present at the scene
which gave rise to the summons was not present.
    Patrick Casey deposed to hearing Mr Quinn say he
would not be tramped upon. He could not say that Mrs Cryan was speaking to him.
    Quinn - The object is - to get me bound to the
peace, the way I would be disenfranchised (laughter).
    Mr Bull - Ah, that is nonsense. You both seem to
have been abusing each other. So I dismiss the case. Go about your business (laughter).
    The other cases before the court were adjourned
for the attendance of solicitors.


Submitted by: Ellen Herron
Typed by Pat Hunt

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