Roscommon Herald
16 Feb 1895


James Beirne, Kiltycreighton, summoned a young neighbor
named Pat Cryan for having assaulted him on 1st inst.

Plaintiff stated that he had been settling with the
defendant's uncle about the service of cows, opposite Mr. Clarke's in the Black Lane, when the defendant approached them and said to the uncle "Have nothing to do with that man" whereupon he struck plaintiff on the forehead and ran away.

Owen Shannon deposed to seeing the blow struck in the
manner described by plaintiff.

DEFENDANT:  Did you see my uncle go between us and
prevent him striking me when he made the rush at me?

WITNESS: I did not. I was standing between you both.

Michael Horan stated he only heard Beirne say he was
struck by Cryan.
Cryan had across-case against Beirne for assault. He
stated Beirne was only offering his uncle 7s 6d for
the service, instead of 16s. He was insisting on the
uncle taking the small amount. When he ( Cryan) asked
his uncle to come home Beirne said, "What has he got to
do with you?" and rushed at him with a stick, aiming a
blow at him , and nearly pushing him through Mr.
Clarke's window. His uncle said to Beirne that it was
a shame to strike the little boy.

James Cryan and Michael Tooman gave evidence as to
seeing young Cryan get the shove.
John O'Rourke was sworn but he could not throw any
light on the matter.
The bench fined Cryan 5s and costs, and dismissed the
cross-case against Beirne.

 CRYAN: Only for I struck him that night there was a
danger of him killing me, because he is a fighting man (laughter)

MR. BULL:You appear to be fighting man yourself (a laugh)



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