Roscommon Herald
Saturday, 1 Oct 1892

Mr. Michael Cryan, Boyle, summoned
Mrs Quinn, wife of James Quinn,
carpenter, Ross Lane, for having used
abusive language towards him, and
also for assaulting his child.
The plaintiff, who gave his evidence
in a clear and intelligent manner, stated
 - At about five o'clock on Sunday
evening my wife directed my attention
to the defendant's scolding. 
I asked her what was the matter, and she
told me that Quinn's wife had upset the
child.  She was attempting a second
assault on the child when I ran to its
assistance.  Her children were giving us
great trouble, so I went out to this
woman and told her to control her children.
 "Go long" said she, "you black sweep; you lunatic."
Mrs Quinn - I said you were like a lunatic.
Corporal Cryan - There were witnesses
a short distance off who heard this
woman.  I said to my wife - "Don't
answer this woman.  I'll take her before
a magistrate."  Her expressions were
dreadful, and I have respectable witnesses
to prove same. I told her I would not
speak to her, but that I would bring her
before a magistrate.  "Speaking to you,
you black sweep," she said. "Go long,
you lunatic."
Chairman - Then you want me to bind this
woman to keep the peace?
Mr. Cryan - Well no.  I want to get
along quietly, as I have always done.
Chairman - This is a case of abusive
language, and is more for the Town Court
than this one.
Mr. Quinn here began to tell a story.
Chairman - You must ask questions.
Mrs Quinn (to Mr. Cryan) - Didn't your wife abuse me?
Mr. Cryan - I cannot answer that question.
Defendant then admitted the use of abusive language.
Mary Grehan corroborated plaintiff's statement.
Chairman - I suppose it was all about the children?
Mary Grehan - Well it was.  Mrs Quinn called Mr. Cryan
a sweep and a lunatic.
Mrs. Quinn - I called him a lunatic because he looked
one when he came out in his shirt sleeves.
James Quinn - She did not say he was one. 
She said he was like one (laughter).
Chairman - It was as near a thing as she could
say - a distinction without a difference (renewed
Mrs Cryan was examined and stated that Mrs Quinn
struck her child on the head, and then when she went
to check her for it she called her a "ballad singer."
Mr Quinn denied this statement.
Chairman - I would recommend you to leave this man
and his wife alone.  This is a case of riotous and
indecent behaviour.
The case was dismissed. 
Mr Cryan had also a case against James Quinn.
Mr Cryan - On yesterday evening my wife sent for me,
and when I went to the house, I found her shaking. 
Quinn had been using very abusive language towards
I said to Quinn - " On the word of a man, or as a man,
should you make use of such language to this woman?" 
"Go long you b-----r" he said "I would knock the head
off you." 
Mr Cryan went on to state the nature of the abuse
towards himself and his wife by Quinn, and during the giving of his
evidence was f requently interrupted by Quinn, who was eventually
called to order.
Mr Cryan - The abuse was so much that I went to Mr Gillespie, C.P.S., and got a warrant, which contained the evidence I am after giving. 
I am in dread of this man.
Chairman - You are taking very strong measures.
Quinn - It is a wonder a soldier like you would be
afraid of me (laughter).
Mr Cryan - If I met you in the discharge of a military
duty you would know then, but (addressing the Bench) it would
not become me nor would it be wise of me, to have any
altercation with this man, as a civilian.
Quinn denied the offence, and hurled at Mr Cryan
counter charges at random.  He said he threatened to strike
Cryan when he said he would put him and his wife out of that
Mr Cryan applied to make another statement.
Chairman - Not now.
Mr Cryan - Thank you.
Michael Connor corroborated Mr Cryan's statement.
James McGlynn also gave corroborative evidence, and
said nothing could take place on the occasion without
his knowledge.
Chairman (to defendant) - I will put you under a rule
of bail to keep the peace for twelve months, yourself in #10
and two securities in #5 each.
Quinn - I think that according to the law he should be
bound over, too.
Mr Cryan - I did not make use of any abusive language
Quinn - I appeal to the police if ever I broke the
Chairman - You appear to have lost your temper.
In the cross against Mry Cryan the chairman said
- " I refuse to put this man under a rule of bail."


Submitted by: Ellen Herron

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