Roscommon Herald
16 January 1892
Michael Cryan summoned Michael Beirne for assaulting him on the road near the Kingsland post office. 
Beirne had a cross case against Cryan.
Mr MacDermot appeared for Beirne.
Cryan deposed that he was coming from Kingsland post office. 
There were three boys, Michael Cryan, John Morris, Peter Campbell on the road. 
Beirne asked him what was he listining to, and struck him with a stick. 
He went to Mrs Connaughton's to be washed and Beirne again followed him and cut his lip with a thump.
To Mr MacDermot - Myself and my brothers are not on good terms with the Beirnes.  We were summoned for trespassing on their lands. 
I went behind no hedge.  I said to Beirne I would stand on the road as long as I liked.  There was no bad language used by
me.  I did not ask Beirne to fight me, because I would not be able for him. 
I said I would spend two shillings on him for a summons.
John Morris was sworn, and he denied that Beirne hit Cryan. 
Cryan was hit in the bushes.  He heard the noise, and thought it was a bird.  When they went to look through the
bushes, Beirne told Cryan to kiss -----.  Witness commenced to gesticulate with his hands.
Capt. McTernan - Keep your hands quiet.
Mr MacDermot - He is not in the bush now.  Don't mind those antics or declaiming.
Capt McTernan - I will give Cryan leave to cross-examine this witness, but he will not get much out of him.
Mr MacDermot - And he is Cryan's witness.
Capt McTernan - He is also your witness.
Morris who is a young lad, again waved his hands.
Capt McTernan - Keep your hands quiet.  I wonder you did not use them on the occasion.
After hearing more evidence, Capt McTernan dismissed the case without prejudice.

Submitted by: Ellen Herron




Roscommon Herald
30 Jan 1892

Cloonfinlough to the Front

    Mr Michael Carley, Cloonfinlough, processed Michael Cryan, of the same place, for trespass amounting to 6 regarding a disputed portion of  bog.    Mr McDonnell was for the plaintiff, and Mr Joseph Burke, B.L. defended.    Mr Hanley, surveyor, produced the map, and gave
evidence as to the survey.
    Here Mr McDonnell drew attention to Cryan, who looking daggers at
the surveyor.
    Carley examined by Mr McDonnell - My father before me was using this piece of bog. I had it in tillage three years. Mr Holmes, the agent,  told the bailiff to allow me till the cut-away. The third year all the "splits" were turn up. The Head Constable came out, and Cryan said it was he dug up
"the spuds". The same year Cryan's son pulled up the stalks, and he was fined before the magistrates. They appealed, and it was not heard  since. I lost about 30 cwt of potatoes.
    To Mr Burke - I am tenant to the landlord of that portion. I did not put that piece in the courts to have a fair rent fixed. I had the title of  it, and Cryan never paid rent for it. I had the bog, in addition to my land. I put about a hundred ass loads of manure on that bog. I was put to jail a long time ago over a dispute regarding that bog.
    Cryan ("sotto voce") - And his father and his mother (laughter).
    Mr McDonnell - Mr Cryan won't deny that himself was in jail. It is  the
case of many a good man.
    Mr Burke interrupted.
    Mr McDonnell - Will you sit down, Mr Burke, you are like a man with a
bee in your -- well, somewhere (laughter).
    Mr McDonnell said his throat was sore today, and he would not talk.
Mr Burke sat down. Cold water was strong today.
    John Elwood, who was served with a subpoena did not appear.
    His Lordship fined Elwood 1.
    Jane Carley deposed in reply to Mr McDonnell, that she was in occupation
of the place twenty three years.
    Mr Byrne, the bailiff, gave evidence in favour of Carley.
    To his Lordship -  I know what those fools are fighting about. It  is not
worth their dinner. I gave permission to Carley from Mr Holmes to till part
of this bog.
    Pat Barry deposed in reply to Mr McDonnell that the bog was worth
twopence a year. Cryan never used this bog before Carley, and he had  crops
on it three years.
    His Lordship did not proceed further with the case.



Submitted by: Ellen Herron
Typed by Pat Hunt

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