Roscommon Herald
Saturday 11 Apr 1891


On last Friday a Crimes Act Court was held at Carrick-on-Shannon before Mr. Paul, R.M., and Capt. Preston, R.M., to dispose of the charge of riot against
Paddy McManus, Corney McManus and John McManus of
Drumshanbo and Robert J. Cryan and James McDermott, Jr. of Carrick, the ringleaders in the attack on the Nationalist meeting there on the 22nd Feb. last.

Mr. Friery, solicitor, Dublin, appeared for John McManus, Mr. Slacke, solicitor for Paddy and Corny McManus and Mr. Bergin for Cryan and McDermott. Mr. Morphy, B.L., instructed by Mr. Croker, S.C.S., prosecuted. The prosecution was practically a farce, the police witnesses called being the men who managed to see nothing on the occasion.

Sergeant Danial O Mara of Carrick was the first
witness. He saw Paddy McManus coming into town that day at the head of about 40 men with sticks. They were joined by about a 100 in Carrick, and paraded the town carrying a portrait of Parnell. They were cheering and above the din he heard Paddy McManus shouting they would put an end to Whiggery in Carrick. He saw the Ballinamore contingent coming,  and the drumstick pulled from one of them. Father Donohoe led the Mohill people, and he saw a conflict with
sticks and stone throwing. He could not say were Paddy and John McManus there then, but he saw them go towards the direction of the conflict. There were about 20 people on the
platform, and Mr. Jasper Tully was amongst them. He
saw Corny McManus shouting and groaning and winding a big stick over his head, and afterwards chasing a man into Mrs. Owen McDermotts. When Canon Hoare was speaking, some one on the platform said "Kitty O'Shea." Paddy McManus shouted " Not another word" and then in the din of the confusion set up again. He saw McDermott, Cryan, and the McManus's at the breaking up of the platform, and their
conduct was bad. The priests then held the meeting in the chapel-yard, and the Drumshambo people brought down Parnell's banner, and placed it before the chapel door and commenced groaning, shouting and whistling. The Drumshambo people were not the only Parnellites. Mr. Bergin said the Carrick Parnellites could have swept the town if they wished.

MR. FRIERY: Did you consider the reterence to Mrs.
O'Shea bythe seceders an insult to Mr. Parnell or his followers?

WITNESS: Well, they took it as an insult.

Constable Irwin proved that Robert Cryan was waving
his hat and cheering for Parnell when Canon Hoare was trying to speak. There was a man named Hunt from
Boyle very prominent there that day.

Constable James Fitzgerald swore he saw the McManuss
do nothing but cheer and shout. They cheered for Parnell. He saw an ordinary stick with Corny McManus. He did not see Cryan and McDermott do anything but cheer.

To Mr. Paul I saw the Drumshanbo men strike the people.

Constable Robert Shaw disposed that he saw the McManuss take part in scuffling at the platform.

Constable George Richardson, Drumshanbo, in his
evidence mentioned that he saw the three McManus's, of Drumshanbo, assisting in pulling down the platform.

To Mr. Bergin---John McManus is a rate collector , and
he gave us a seat. The defendants are all respectable.

Constable David Noonan deposed that the man he saw
handling Parnell's banner and carrying it with another in front of the chapel door was Pat Malone, of Drumshambo.

Thomas Egan, a Parnellite, from Attirory near Carrick,
was next examined; He got a black eye that day.

Was it through friendship you were struck? - No

Is your political opinion known in Carrick?
I appeal to the Head Constable (great laughter)
Cross examined by Mr. Bergin -I was on Mr. Parnells side that day. (laughter)
To Mr. Slacke -I believe it was a McCarthyite who struck me.(laughter)
Owen Hunt, Patrick Early, P.L.G., the Very Rev. Canon
J. Hoare,P.P.V.F.,
Carrick-on-Shannon, Rev. F. Donohoe, P.P., Mohill; Jasper Tully, Boyle; Dr. Mulcahy, Coroner, Ballinamore having been called as Crown witnesses.
The Court adjourned until Saturday week.

Great indignation is felt at the action of the authorities in endeavoring to make prosecutors of the Priests.
Father Donohoe's letter in the National Press today has caused great consternation in official quarters, and a copy of this paper has been impounded.


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