Roscommon Journal
Roscommon, co. Roscommon, Ireland
31 May 1845

Irish Gratitude.
In consequence of some act of kindness and justice rendered by Mr. Edward
JONES, of this town to the poor, upwards of two hundred men from the
neighbourhood of Fairymount, marched in here on Monday last, and, in a few
hours, tilled upwards of three acres of potatoes for him. Mr. JONES,
sumptuously regaled them with a substantial meal of bacon and greens, and a
glass of good Porter. The above gentleman is a Protestant, but of very
liberal principles.

Fatal Accident.
A respectable farmer, of the name of HANLY, was killed near Ballymoe, on
Thursday last, by a fall from his horse occasioned by one of the leathers of
his stirrup breaking.

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