Roscommon and Leitrim Gazette
Boyle, Roscommon, Ireland
2 November 1822

Game Licenses
A list of the Names of Places of Abode of the several Persons who have taken
out Game Certificates, agreeably to Act of Parliament, from the Distributor
of the Stamps for the County of Roscommon, between the 25th day of March
1822 and the 24th day of October 1822. Certified by me George KNOX, Stamp
Distributor, Co. Roscommon.

Thomas MORTON, Esq, Castlenode
George KNOX, Esq., Strokestown
Arthur FRENCH, Esq., M.P., Frenchpark
George KNOX, Esq., Farn-cottage
Daniel FARRELL, Esq., Beech-wood
Charles COSTELLO, Esq., Edmondstown
Rev. John FRENCH, Frenchpark
Harloe WORKMAN, Esq., Dublin
Lieut. MATHEWS, 23rd R. Welch Fusileers, Boyle
Lieut. G. MORDEN, ditto, Ballaghadereen
Capt. William COLE, 12th Lancers, Roscommon
Lieut. MICKLETHWAIT, ditto, ditto.
Lieut. R. HOLMES, 23rd Royal Welch Fusileers, Lanesborough
Captain ROSS, ditto, ditto, Roscommon.
Arthur BROWN, Esq., Lisbride
Hugh HEALLY, Gamekeeper to Patrick CUSACK, Esq. Springlawn
Rev. Joseph SEYMOUR, Saxony
Mr. John SHAW, Killineure, Right Honourable Lord Visct. Lorton, Rockingham
Edward FOY, Gamekeeper to ditto, ditto
Lord Hartland, Strokestown
Colonel HILL, 23rd Royal W Fusileers, Boyle
Patrick EAGAN, Esq, Carraboy
Thomas CONROY, Esq, Strokestown
Major J.C. SMITH, 23rd R.W. Fusileers, Strokestown
Pat HEALY, Esq., Dublin
Patrick BEIRNE, Esq., Summerville
Lieut. D.C.C. ELWES, 23rd Royal Welch Fusileers, Boyle
John CONROY, Esq, Clonahee
J.E. STRICKLAND, Esq. Loughlin
Owen LLOYD, Esq., Lisaduran

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