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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
10 April 1928


     Our London Correspondent telegraphs: -
     Ireland has lost a distinguished surgeon by the death, from influenza, of Dr. Richard Lane Joynt, at 84, Harcourt-street, Dublin, on Sunday. He was born 61 years ago, the son of the late William Lane Joynt, D.L., and was educated at the University of Dublin.
Dr. Lane Joynt worked as a surgeon at the Meath Hospital, Dublin, with remarkable success, and his professional talents as a mechanician went to the service of his craft. During the War his inventive skill was recognized by experts, and Dr. Lane Joynt, who held the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was General Inspector of Orthopaedic Factories, was set the task of designing apparatus to meet the needs of the victims of the War. He was a pioneer in X-ray work, and suffered terribly in consequence of his investigation.
     He was a man of fine literary taste and had a remarkable knowledge of Irish archaeology and topography. An enthusiastic yachtsman, he sailed the Irish, Scottish, and French coasts. As a member of the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland he did much to promote surgical progress.

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