The Longreach Leader, 23 May 1924
The sympathy of a very large circle of relatives and friends was extended to Mr. John Payne, M.L.A., on Friday last on the sudden bereavement he had sustained through the death of his wife that night. Mr. and Mrs. Payne were on their way to attend the Hospital Badge Day Ball, and when nearing the Railway Hotel, Mrs. Payne complained of feeling very ill. Mr. Payne obtained a chair from the Railway Hotel and then got Mr. John Martin to drive Mrs. Payne to the residence of her mother, Mrs. J. Ahern, in Cassowary-street, where she was staying. Dr. Michod was communicated with and although he arrived on the scene immediately after, Mrs. Payne passed peacefully away almost as soon as the doctor arrived.

The respect in which the deceased lady was held in Longreach was demonstrated at the funeral on Monday last when representatives of all sections of the community attended at the graveside to pay their last respects. Members of the H.A.C.B. Society in full regalia acted as pallbearers, Mr. John Payne being a foundation member of the Longreach branch. Other members of the Society attended in full regalia, and marched to the cemetery. The Rev. Father Jones officiated. Those present at the graveside included Councillors R. L. H. Peterson and W. Gavin, (representing the Shire Council), Messrs. R. H. Edkins (Bimbah), Jack Ahern (Thornton), and Con. Ahern (brothers), R. Coleman (late Overseer of the Longreach Shire Council and now of Ridgelands, Rockhampton), H. M. Gallwey (Shire Clerk), Inspectors and all other employees of the Shire Council, Mr. and Mrs. Ireland (nephew and niece), Messrs. Pat and Tom Ahern (nephews), Mr. H. J. Solley and Superintendent Solway (Longreach Ambulance), Mr. Payne representing the Ambulance on the Brisbane executive), Messrs. T. Pyne (senior and junior, Winton and Longreach), and G. Andrews (Barcaldine), Mrs. T. Pennington, Mr. J. McNally, Mr. and Mrs. McConachy (Winton), Mr. B. Foreman, Mr. C. McConachy, Messrs. C. Manning, C. Nemo, J. Tidswell, H. Lane, and J. Martin, Mrs. Con. Ahern, Mrs. Smith, Sub-Inspector and Mrs. Duffy, D. McCarthy, J. Botten, R. Bow, and W. Petersen, Mesdames Wyland and J. Thurecht, Messrs. H. White (Whitehill), M. W. O'Donnell (Rio), J. M. Howatson (Longway), Jas. Cochrane (Dundonald), Neil Cochrane (Lochern), T. Behan (Garfield, Jericho), J. A. B. Gavin, D. Gavin, H. Roesborg, and S. Lester, Messrs, C. Freeman, J. M. Durkin, R. Richardson and Eric Glasson A. W. U.).

Wreaths and floral tributes were sent by :—Mrs. Julia Lowe (Knapdale), A. W. Union, Mr. and Mrs. E. Foreman, Mrs. Owen Devry (Barcaldine), Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Dorney (Rockhampton), Mr. and Mrs. G. Thurecht, Mrs. C. Thurecht and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gleeson, Mrs. T. Pyne and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fanning (Nundah), Longreach Shire Council, Sub-Inspector Duffy, Mrs. J. Springer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. F. Rogers (Belmore), H.A.C.B. Society, Mrs. A. McGovern, Mr. J. C. Ahern, Mr. W. Ahern and family, and Mr. H. J. Solley and staff of Solley's Ltd.

The late Mrs. Payne (nee Lizzie Ahern) was 50 years of age, and was born in Corfield, but resided in Longreach from her youth till after her marriage and in 1906, when Mr. Payne was elected member for the Mitchell in the Queensland Assembly, they went to reside in Brisbane. Her mother (Mrs. John Ahern) still resides in Longreach, but her father died about six years ago.

She is survived by her husband and nine grown-up children, of whom, two are married, Mrs. Murphy (Toowoomba), and Mrs. J. McConachy (Tattersall's Hotel, Winton). Among the numerous messages of condolence received by Mr. Payne was one from the Acting Premier (Mr. W. N. Gillies) on behalf of the Government and party. Mr. Gillies offered to make special arrangements for the body to be conveyed to Brisbane, should Mr. Payne, so desire.

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