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The Times
London, Middlesex, England
9 Oct 1922


     The Irish Compensation Claims Committee of 64, Victoria-street, Westminster, is organizing a general meeting in London on October 24 of compensation claimants and refugees from Ireland who have been deprived of their homes and belongings. Notices of the time and place of the meeting will be sent to those who intimate to the secretary their desire to attend. The meeting will decide upon a policy to be adopted with a view to putting forward the claims for obtaining justice and payment of compensations due.
     The following is a list of some of the mansion houses in Ireland which have been destroyed, with their furniture and contents:-

Mr. E.D. Webber..Old Mitchelstown Castle..Co. Cork.
Lord Listowel..Convamore..Co. Cork.
Colonel Newman, M.P...Newberry Manor..Co. Cork.
Major Purdon Coote..Bear Forest..Co Cork.
Mr. Penrose-Welsted..Ballywalter..Co Cork.
Mr. C.J. Oliver..Rockmills..Co Cork.
Mrs. Ivors...Glanduff Castle..Co. Limerick.
Lord Muskerry..Springfield..Co. Limerick.
Col. Maloney..Kiltana..Co. Clare.
Mr. Gore Hickman..Residence..Co. Clare.
The Hon. E. O'Brien..Roslevan..Co Clare.
Col. Crosbie..Ballyheigue Castle..Co Kerry.
Mr. Talbot-Crosbie..Ardfert Abbey..Co. Kerry.
Lord Lansdowne..Derreen...Co. Kerry.
Col. Warden..Derryquin Castle..Co. Kerry.
Col. Spate..Union Hall..Co. Cork.
Mr. Joseph Pike, D.L..Dumsland..Co. Cork.
The Hon. Cosby Trench..Sopwell Hall..Co. Tipperary.
Lady Emily Bury..Charleville Forest..King's County.
Mrs. Tighe..Woodstock..Co. Kilkenny.
Lord Castlemaine..Moydrum..Co. Westmeath.
Parknasilla..Tourist Hotel..Co. Kerry.
Lord Arran..Two mansions..
Lord Langford..Summerhill..Co. Meath.
Lord Bandon..Castle Bernard..Co. Cork.
Col. Head..Derrylahan..Co Tipperary.
Col. Wellesley Bernard..Castle Bernard..King's County.
Lord Massy..Hermitage..Co. Limerick.
Mr. Twiss..Birdhill..Co. Tipperary.
Mr. Chas Webb..Mansion..Co. Tipperary.
Mr. Bourke..Ballydongan..Co. Galway.
Sir John Carden..Templemore Abbey..Templemore.
Sir G. Burke..Marble Hill..Co. Galway.
Col. Persse..Roxborough..Co. Galway.
Mr. George Young, D.L...Culdaff Castle..Co. Donegal.
Mr. Hugh Frewen..Innishannon..Co. Cork.

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