The Times [London], 2 February 1920
Many Arrests in Ireland
   So far as is known, nearly 50 arrests were made in the counties of Cork, Clare, Tipperary, and Limerick. In Thurles, Co. Tipperary, a number of arrests was [sic] nade on Friday night shortly before the meeting of the newly-elected Urban Council. Some of those taken into custody are members of the council. One of the prisoners is an organizer of the Transport Workers' Union and is the local president of Sinn Fein, and a third is a secondary teacher. Houses in the town were searched during the night. At Bantry, Co. Cork, Mr. R. Keyes, a newly-elected member of the Town Council and a well-known Sinn Feiner, was arrested, and Mr. J. Ahearne was taken at his home in Dunmanway. Thirteen arrests were made in the city of Limerick. The prisoners were taken by train to Cork, where they were afterwards joined by the Clare and Tipperary prisoners. In Cork city the number of men taken into custody was about 20.
   Up to this afternoon none of the prisoners had been deported. The outgoing steamers at Kingstown and Dublin were watched last night by friends of the men in custody, but no deportations took place.
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