Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, 3 August 1920
The police, when searching the hedges where the military lorry near Cork was attacked on Saturday, found five revolvers of German pattern and some bombs. John Ahern, a civilian who was killed in the attack, wore the uniform of an officer of the "Republican" army.
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The Irish Times, 3 August 1920
Jurors Refuse to Attend.
   Coroner McCabe attended at the Cork military barracks yesterday evening to inquire into the death of John Aherne, of Coole East, White's Cross, whose dead body was picked up by the military on Saturday afternoon at the scene of the desperate attack on a military mail van, when five soldiers were wounded by a bomb hurled amongst them. District Inspector Heggert represented the authorities. Only six jurors attended, and the police said that it was impossible to empanel a jury.
   District Inspector Heggert said that the jurors could not be forced to come, but the Coroner could fine them.
   Coroner—Under these circumstances we cannot hold inquests. Relatives can take the body.
   District Inspector Heggert asked did the same ruling apply to the inquest on Private Ernest Ballowe, of the Manchester Regiment, who died on Sunday as the result of wounds received in the Gougane Barra hold-up.
   The Coroner replied in the affirmative, and both inquests fell through.
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The Irish Times, 7 August 1920
Telegraphing on Sunday night, our Cork correspondent states—In the attempt to ambush the military lorry yesterday morning, which was conveying mails from Cork Barracks to Fermoy garrison, a civilian, John Aherne, of Coole East, was killed, and other civilians were wounded. A number of persons arrested by troops afterwards in the vicinity of the outrage have been set at liberty, as they satisfied the military authorities that they had taken no part in the affray. The civilian who was picked up dead was wearing, it is said, the uniform of an officer of the Republican Army.
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