South Australian Register, 5 May 1916
Inspector and Sergeant Shot.
A grave occurrence took place in Tullamore, King's County, on the evening of March 22, as the result of a disturbance which took place between a crowd of men and youths and some Sinn Fein Volunteers. Two of the Royal Irish Constabulary—County Inspector Crane and Sgt. Ahern—were shot and wounded, the latter somewhat seriously.

The occurrence appears to have originated in the gathering of a crowd antagonistic to the Sinn Feiners in the street opposite rooms occupied by the Irish Volunteers, in William street, Tullamore. A scuffle followed, but not much damage was done, and the police had not much difficulty in separating the parties. The crowd, however, remained in the vicinity of the Sinn Fein meeting place, and when some of the volunteers appeared they were protected by the police. What exactly followed is not known yet, but reports state that stones were then thrown at the windows, and those inside replied to the fusillade by revolver shots. Eventually County Inspector Crane and District Inspector Fitzgerald arrived on the scene, and, aided by some police, began clearing the crowd away.

Afterwards the two inspectors, accompanied by Head Constable Stuart and Sgt. Ahern, entered the rooms with the intention of searching the occupants for arms. The Sinn Feiners refused to allow themselves to be searched, and shots were fired. Sgt. Ahern was shot in the arm and side, and now lies in a precarious condition at the hospital. Inspector Crane was hit in the cheek. Four arrests were made, the prisoners being all Tullamore Volunteers. Three revolvers were seized by the police, one of which was an automatic pistol. A number of extra police are being drafted into the town, and many more arrests are expected. Those under arrest will probably be handed over to the military authorities and dealt with under the Defence of the Realm Act.

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Ashburton Guardian, 19 May 1916
At Tullamore to-day 13 young men, who wore arrested last week in connection with the shooting of Police-sergeant Ahern when an attempt was made to search for arms in the rooms of the Sinn Fein Volunteers, were brought before Mr. Walter Callan in the local courthouse. They were charged with having wilfully fired at, and "attacked with intent to murder, County Inspector Crane, District Inspector Fitzgerald, Head-Constable Stuart and Sergeant Ahern. The public were excluded from the Court. District-Inspector Fitzgerald asked for a remand for eight days, as the principal witness, Sergeant Ahern, was unable to attend. He identified the prisoners as the men who were in the hall when the police were attacked.
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