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  Washington Post
Washington D.C.
August 21, 1915

Marquis of Clanricarde Compromises.
    After litigation extending over some four or five years the legal proceedings in connection with the expropriation of the octogenarian Marquis of Clanricarde through compulsory sale from his estates in County Galway to his tenants, have been brought to a close by means of a compromise according to the terms of which he is to receive $1,200,000 for the property. This is not a large sum considering that the estates were formerly rated as yielding a rental of near $100,000 per annum.
    But of course the fact that Lord Clanricarde is 84 years of age and has no direct heir will have been taken into consideration by him in consenting to accept this sum.

He Lives Life of a Hermit.
    Few people know Lord Clarnricarde personally. He lives the life of a hermit in London in a dingy set of chambers in the Albany, off Piccadilly, and never goes out into society. Yet there is no member of the House of Lords whose name has been so frequently before the public. Half the agrarian crimes in Ireland during the past four decades have been due to his merciless and relentless cruelty toward the tenantry on his extensive estates on the Emerald Isle. Hundreds of thousands of dollars-probably millions- have been spent by the government in executing the decrees of eviction which he obtained from the courts against his tenants for the nonpayment of rent. No one is more deaf to appeals for mercy or to every sentiment of generosity and to pity for suffering than this grandson of the great and illustrious English statesman, George Canning.


The Brisbane Courier, 31 August 1915
WARWICK, August, 30.
Mrs. Margaret Ahern, a very old and respected resident of Warwick, died yesterday morning. Deceased, who had reached the age of 82 years, was a native of Waterford, Ireland, and came to Queensland at an early age, settling in Warwick. Five sons survive her. The remains were interred at Stanthorpe.
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