Hackney Express And Shoreditch Observer, 18 June 1910
Cork Slander Case
The slander action brought by Alderman F. H. Meade, ex-Lord Mayor of Cork, and his sister-in-law, Miss Kathleen Hennessy, against the Rev. Father John Ahern, chaplain to Cork Workhouse, ended in Dublin on Monday with verdict for the plaintiffs. The jury assessed the damages at £200 for Alderman Meade and £150 for Miss Hennessy.

The words complained of imputed to the plaintiff Meade the parentage of a child to which his sister-in-law had given birth, and also accused him of blackmail. In support of plaintiff's case, it was alleged that the father of the child was John F. Mahony, V.S., a brother-in-law of the defendant. Miss Hennessy, by consent in court, was awarded £500 damages against Mahony for breach of promise and seduction, but this had not been paid. Father Ahern's sister subsequently married Mahony.

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