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The Times, London, 8 July 1910
   THE CHARGES AGAINST MR. DALRYMPLE CLARK.—We have been asked to publish the following :—In December Mr. H. Dalrymple Clark was arrested under a warrant obtained on the application of the Government of Burma under the Fugitive Offenders Act on criminal charges relating to matters alleged to have taken place four to six years ago in Burma. The India Office, on representations made to them that Mr. Clark had never left this country, or intended to avoid standing his trial in Burma, agreed to the warrant's being withdrawn, and to his being permitted to go himself to Burma, to stand his trial. This he did, and a telegram has been received from Burma stating that he has been acquitted on the first and most serious charge made against him, for which he has been tried by the Chief Judge of the Chief Court of Burma.
   At Limerick Assizes yesterday Hannah Ahern, who was found Guilty of the murder of her infant child, was sentenced to death by Mr. Justice Boyd, who stated that he had forwarded the jury's recommendation to mercy to the proper quarter. [See 25 July 1910]
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The Times, London, 25 July 1910
   In the case of Hannah Aherne, a prisoner in Limerick Prison under sentence of death, the Lords Justices have commuted the sentence to penal servitude for life. Aherne was sentenced to death at Limerick Assizes for the murder of her newly-born child at Newcastle West on April 3.
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Western Mail, 30 July 1910
SEATON—AHERN.—On June 7, at St. Paul's Church of England, Beaconsfield, by the Rev. Alban Tuxmore Marshall, Edward Joseph, second son of the late Edward Seaton, of Bally Connell, County Cavan, Ireland, to Catherine Jane Ahern, of South Fremantle, formerly of England.
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