The Boston Globe, 5 July 1909
Daniel Ahearn Covers 50Ft 1 3/8 ln at Celtic Park,
a New American Mark For the Game.
NEW YORK, July 4—Daniel Ahearn of the Irish-American A. C. established a new American record of 50ft 1 3/8 in for the hop, step and jump, or two hops and a jump, at Celtic park, Long island, today. A week ago Ahearn covered 49ft 6 1/4 in at the same grounds, but it was not accepted by the A. A. U. because a linen tape was used in measuring. The officers had a standard steel tape today, and the record will be accepted. The former American record of 49ft 1/2 in was held by James P. Connolly of Boston, the author. The world's record is 50ft 2in. made by Daniel Shanahan at Limerick, Ire. 21 years ago.
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