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WATERFORD—The Trappists
The Monastery of Mount Melleray, of which the Right Rev. Dr. Maurus O'Phelan was consecrated Abbot on August 15, was founded in 1833 by a body of French exiled Trappist monks. When they first settled down the land was a barren waste. Under their devoted labors it was, in course of time, transformed. It is now one of the most fertile and beautiful in Ireland.
The New Abbot of Mount Melleray
The Right Rev. Dr. Maurus O'Phelan (writes the Dublin correspondent of the Catholic Weekly) was consecrated Abbot of Mount Melleray on August 15. The ceremony was performed by Dr. Sheehan, Bishop of Waterford, and was attended by a very large congregation, including several ecclesiastics. The new Abbot is a native of County Waterford, and was educated at the Melleray Seminary. He was ordained a priest of the Order nearly thirty years ago, and for several years past was Prior of the community. Assisting the new Abbot were the Right Rev. Dr. Beardwood, Lord Abbot of Roscrea, and the Right Rev. Dr. Delaney, retired abbot. The Rev. Thomas Mockler, St. John's, Waterford, acted as master of ceremonies, assisted by the Rev. Father Stanislaus, chaplain, Mount Melleray. Father Mockler read the Papal mandate, after which followed the examination of the Abbot-elect, the obeisance, the prostration, the reception of the rule of the Monastery, and the conferring of the crozier and the ring. Subsequently the newly invested Abbot bestowed his blessing on the congregation. During the day the Monastery was visited by large numbers of people, and there were present in the congregation that assisted at the ceremony several relatives of the new Abbot. The new Prior of the Monastery is the Rev. Father Eugene Ahern, and the Sub-Prior Rev. Father John Prendergast.
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