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The Brisbane Courier, 10 January 1907
Fortune for Queenslanders.
Dr. Terry M. A'Heron, a well-known physician and surgeon of Junction, New Jersey, U.S.A., recently died, leaving a fortune of about £60,000, and his nearest relative is a sister, Mrs. Foster, of Warwick. Dr. A'Heron was one of a family of six, a brother being the late First-class Inspector John Ahern, of the Queensland Police Service. By Inspector Ahern the old Irish name became Anglicised, though the pronunciation is maintained by those who hail from County Cork. Dr. A'Heron was born at Barrymore (Cork), and was 63 years of age at the time of his death. He graduated at King's College, London and also at the Eye and Ear Department of St Mark's College, Dublin; and on going to America in 1866 he took a three years' post graduate course at the New York Eye and Ear Hospital and later graduated from the medical department of Yale. He had lived at Junction, New Jersey, for over thirty years, making occasional visits to Ireland.

A New Jersey paper says "he was a brilliant man, and the medical profession suffers a severe loss by his death." The same paper says "the doctor was one of a family of six children, the only survivor being a sister, who resides in Australia." In connection with the matter, Mr. Henry F. W. Foster, of Toowoomba and his sister, Miss Foster, who resides with her mother at Warwick, will sail for the United States on the 23rd instant by the Miowera. Mr. Foster is in the Lands Department at Toowoomba and is well known in musical circles there, being accompanist to the Liedertafel.

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Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Sunday, January 13, 1907

Michael Harrington of Davenport Has Interesting Story
Has Never Drank a Glass of Beer of Whisky or Smoked a Cigar During His Entire Life

     Michael Harrington, 2425 Farnam street, the veteran marble cutter who recently passed his 80th birthday, comes from a remarkably long lived family. His wife Catherine is 76 years of age and her mother died at the age of 99 years. A brother John Harrington, formerly with the Schricker-Rodler company is 84 years old. A sister, Mrs. Rose McLaughlin of this city is 96 years old and still able to do her own housework. Another sister, Biddy, died at the age of 99 years and an uncle, John Murray of Boston, lived to the ripe old age of 103 years.
     Mr. Harrington, although 80 years of age, is regularly employed by Iglehart & Co of Rock Island as a marble cutter and is regarded as one of the most expert artisans in this line in the West. His vision is still perfect and he has never been obliged to wear glasses.
     There is a secret however for Mr. Harrington's remarkable vitality and he is proud of the fact and glad to tell it. In short he has never drank a glass of beer or whisky or smoked a cigar in his life. He is temperate in all his living which is a characteristic of his family and undoubtedly accounts for their long lease on life.
     Mr. Harrington is an old forty-niner, having gone to the California gold fields during the heat of the excitement. He made the trip west on horseback and returned by the isthmus. He encountered many startling adventures during his trip to the goldfields and now tells many an interesting reminiscence of the pioneer days.
     In addition to his good wife, Mr. Harrington's family consists of five sons and two daughters. The sons are Thomas K. Harrington, the well known foreman of the paint shop at the Rock Island Arsenal; William Harrington, proprietor of the broom-works; Michael Harrington, an architect of Milwaukee; Joseph Harrington, the well known blacksmith and Frank Harrington, employed as a painter at the Rock Island Arsenal shops of which his brother is the foreman.

Davenport Democrat and Leader
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
Monday, January 14, 1907


     John Harrington, one of the highly respected citizens of this city, died at 1:30 o'clock this morning at the ripe old age of 84 years.
     Mr. Harrington was born in Ireland Dec 25, 1820 and came to America in 1849 and settled in Boston. Forty-seven years ago he came to Davenport, where he has been employed as a marble cutter. He was a widower and made his home at 618 Colorado avenue, with his grand-daughter, who kept house for him. For many years he was employed by the Schricker-Rodler company.
     The deceased is survived by a brother, Michael Harrington, well known in this city and also a marble cutter. Three sons, James and Bernard of Chicago, and Richard of Des Moines, three daughters, Mrs. Mary Flickenger, Mrs. Kate Alverston, and Mrs. Margaret Avitt of Chicago, mourn their loss, besides a sister, Mrs. Rose McLaughlin, of Davenport, who is 96 years of age. He also leaves two granddaughters, Bertie and Nellie Alverston.
     The funeral will be announced as soon as the relatives are communicated with.

[Note: Gravestone photo shows John Harrington of Athlone, Co. Roscommon]

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