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Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Wed., May 7, 1902

At Merrickville, Thursday, May 1st, Mrs. George Bates, aged 84 years.

Obit: Mrs. George Bates, Mother of Mr. W.G. Bates, of Lanark, she was born in Monaghan, Ireland. Coming to Canada when quite young she resided all her life in Merrickville.

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New Zealand Tablet, 8 May 1902
After a lapse of almost a century, the Chapter of the diocese of Waterford and Lismore has been revived, with the sanction of his Holiness Pope Leo XIII. The last Catholic Dean of Waterford was Dr. Thomas O'Hearn, V.G., who built the present Cathedral of Waterford in 1793, and who died on November 13th, 1810, having been Dean for the long term of 40 years. He it was who founded St. John's College, of which his nephew, Father Thomas Flynn, became first president, whose death is chronicled on June 5th, 1815. Dean O'Hearn also introduced the Presentation Nuns into Waterford. As far back as July 6th, 1210, Pope Innocent III confirmed the Dean and Chapter of Waterford, consisting, of 12 Canons and 12 Vicars-Choral, in all their possessions. The See of Lismore was united to that of Waterford by Pope Innocent VI in 1355 and on the translation of Roger Craddock, Bishop of Waterford, to the See of Llandaff in 1363, Thomas Reeve became first Bishop of the united dioceses of Waterford and Lismore. With Dean O'Hearn expired the ancient Chapter of the united dioceses, and now, by Papal Indult, the Chapter is re-erected, to consist of a Dean, Archdeacon, and 10 Canons.
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