Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser, 7 February 1902
Local Police Courts.
These sessions were held on Saturday last before Messrs R. Carrow, (chairman), W. P. Ormond, W. Davies, L. Samson, R. P. L. Penn, J. T. Fisher, and James Thomas.
Patrick Ahern and Bartholomew McSweeny, described as tramps without any fixed abode, were charged in custody with stealing two pairs of drawers, two shirts, a razor and case, leather purse, a half sovereign and two crown pieces, the property of James Skone Sardis, on the 23rd January, value 39s.

James Skone said he was a farmer living at Sardis, Burton. On Thursday, 23rd January, he and his wife left home about 10 o'clock in the morning, leaving the house unoccupied. They went to Neyland. Before leaving he fastened and bolted the doors of the house, but he left a small window upstairs in the gable end of the house open. He and his wife returned about half past one o'clock in the afternoon. He found the doors in the same state, but about 3.30 p.m. or 4 p.m. he found that some one had entered the house through the window which had been left open. He missed a pair of drawers (which he now identified and which he was positive about because he had patched it himself.) He also missed two shirts and other articles produced, including the razor, which had his name on it, as well as the sums of money named. The total value of the articles &c., taken was 39s. One man could not have gone up the wall to the window, but two could have done so, and there were marks on the wall showing that that was the way in which entrance had been gained. Two flower pots, which had been in the window, were removed.

Annie Jones, Sardis, said she lived about 5 minutes walk on the Burton side of Skone's house. About a quarter to eleven on the 23rd January the two prisoners came to her house, and one of them asked for a glass of water, which she gave him. They went on towards Pembroke Ferry, but shortly afterwards she saw them go towards Skone's house. Mary Elizabeth Morgan, daughter of the landlord of the Travellers' Rest," said she was at home on the 23rd January. She identified the prisoners as two men, who came into the house about one o'clock, and had two pints of beer each. They remained in the house about an hour and a quarter and changed a five shilling piece. When they left they went in the direction of Haverfordwest.

P.C. Joseph Morgan, Newport, said that from information received of a robbery at Sardis, he went in the direction of Fishguard on the afternoon of the 24th January. He met the prisoners at Jericho, in the parish of Dinas. He arrested, charged and cautioned them. Both prisoners said "we know nothing at all about it ; we have been working in Goodwick since last October." He found on them the drawers, shirts and razor (produced) but they had only 1s 9½d in money on them. The prisoners pleaded guilty and asked to be tried summarily. Supt. Francis produced a record showing that Ahern had been convicted and sentenced for larceny whilst Mc-Sweeny had been charged once before but had been acquitted. The Chairman said the prisoners were lucky in being tried only for larceny. Ahern would be sentenced to two months and McSweeny to six weeks' imprisonment with hard labour in each ease.

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