The Brisbane Courier, 16 November 1901
We regret to announce the death of Mr. James Ahern, J.P., a highly-respected resident of the Albion and Hamilton suburbs for the last twelve years, who passed away peacefully at his residence, Albion Park Estate, on Thursday morning. The deceased gentleman, who was a native of Limerick, Ireland, had attained the age of 72. The late Mr. Ahern was a resident of Australia for over fifty years. He resided for many years at Armidale and Braidwood, in the mother State, and bore his full share of the vicissitudes of pioneer life in the early days. On two occasions while carrying on business on the gold-fields he was "balled up" by bushrangers, and on one occasion, while guarding his property, one of the bushrangers stretched him unconscious by a blow from the butt end of a revolver.

He came to Queensland twenty years ago, and for some years carried on grazing in the Peak Downs district. For the last ten years he has retired from business, and lived a quiet life, respected by all who knew him. The deceased gentleman, who was a magistrate of the territory for many years, was highly cultured, and is said to have been one of the ripest Greek scholars in Australasia. He leaves a widow and grown-up family of three sons and three daughters, of whom two are married. The eldest of the daughters is the wife of Mr. J. V. McCarthy, the editor of the "Toowoomba Chronicle," and the youngest is Mrs. G. D. De Silva, of South Brisbane. It is a noteworthy fact that his decease is the first death in his family for a period covering forty-three years.

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