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London, Middlesex, England
Tuesday, July 5, 1892

The General Election

Biographies of Candidates.

Foley, Patrick James (Galway, Connemara) (A.P.), of Benmore, Parliament-hill-road Hampstead's. of Mr. Patrick Foley, of Sligo. B. 1836, educated at Catholic schools in Prescot and Leeds Managing director of the Pearl Life Assurance Company of Adelaide-buildings, London-bridge,formerly Chairman of the Industrial Assurances Protection Association, M., 1862, d. of Mr. John Lawrence, of Liverpool. M.P. Connemara division of Galway from 1885.

Lynam, James (Galway East) (P.) of Fermore, Eyrecourt, co. Galway, B. 1845, educated at St. Brendon's Seminary, Loughrea, co. Galway. A farmer, an evicted tenant of Lord Clanricarde's, imprisoned four times under the late and present Crimes Acts.

Lynch, Arthur (Galway City) (P.), of Melbourne, Victoria, s. of a civil engineer and mining and land surveyor at Ballart, Victoria. B. 1861, educated at the Melbourne University (M.A.) and at Berlin University. A civil engineer, has been a mathematical master, in the engineer-in-chief's department of the Victorian Railway, and teacher of engineering and scientific subjects. Has published "Modern Authors."

Nolan, Lieutenant-Colonel John Philip (Galway, North) (P.) of Balinderry, Tuam, Galway, eld. s. of the late Mr. John Nolan, J.P., of Ballinderry, by Mary Anne, d. of Mr. Walter Nolan, of Loughboy, B. 1838, educated at Clongowes-wood College, Stonyhurst, Trinity College, Dublin, the Staff College and Woolwich, entered the Royal Artillery in 1857. Served throughout the Abyssinian campaign as adjutant to Colonel Milward, present at the capture of Magdala, was mentioned in despatches (Abyssinian medal), retired from the Army with the rank lieutenant-colonel in 1881. In one of the Parnellite Whips, a J.P. for co. Galway, M.P., co. Galway Feb-June, 1872, unseated on petition, and from 1874 to 1885, and for the North division from 1885.

Pinkerton, John (Galway City) (A.P.) of Secon, Ballymoney, co. Antrim, descended from a Scotch family, s. of Mr. John Pinkerton, of Ballymoney B. 1845, and educated privately. A tenant farmer, a J.P. of co. Antrim, and has been member of the Coleraine Board of Guardians, M. 1873, Isabella, d. of Mr. Robert Pinkerton, of Ballaghmore, co Antrim. Unsuccessful candidate North Antrim, 1885, M.P. for Galway City from 1886.

Roche, John (Galway, East) (A.P.) of Woodford, Loughrea, co. Galway, s. of Mr. William Roche, of Woodford, co. Galway, B. 1848, a miller and farmer. Was a tenant on the Woodford estate of the Marquis of Clanricarde, and has been more than once in gaol for his active opposition to eviction proceedings. M. 1878, Teresa, d. of Mr. Thomas Donnelly, of Douras, co. Galway. M.P. for East Galway from 1890.

Sheehy, David (Galway, South) (A.P.) second s. of Mr. Richard Sheehy, of Holly Bank, Dublin, B. 1844, educated at the Jesuit Seminary, Limerick, and the Irish College, Paris, in 1867 joined his father in business at Mallow. Is Secretary of the Irish National Federation. M., 1876, Elizabeth, second d. of the late Mr. Richard M'Coy, of Loughill, co. Limerick. M.P. South Galway from 1885.


Cox, Joseph Richard (Clare, East) (A.P.) of St. Stephen's-greet East, Dublin, s. of Mr. Hugh Cox, farmer, of Kilmore, Roscommon, by Anne, d. of the late Mr. Richard Kelly, of Leahey, co. Roscommon. B. 1852, educated at St. Mel's College, Longford. Identified with the Land League agitation from its inception in 1879, specifically sent to organize Ulster 1880, confined in Dundalk Prison and Kilmainham from June, 1881, to April, 1882, organizer in the North of the National Exhibition in Dublin of 1882, secretary to the Parnell National Tribute Committee. Private secretary to Lord Mayors of Dublin 1884-5. M., 1887, Frances, d. of Mr. James G. Mooney, of Dublin. M.P. East Clare from 1885.

Maguire, James Rochfort (Clare, West) (P.), of 10, Park-lane, s. of the Rev. John M. Maguire, Rector of Kilkeedy, co Limerick, by d. of Major Humphreys, of Milltown-house, Strabane. B., 1855, educated at Cheltenham and Morton College, Oxford (B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880), called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1883, having obtained a first class studentship in 1879, Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford. M.P. North Donegal from June, 1890.

Reeves, Robert William Cary (Clare, West) (C.) of Besborough, co. Dublin, eld. s. of the late Mr. William Maunsell Reeves, of Burrane, co. Clare, by Rose, d. of the Rev. R.C. Dobbs, second s. of Mr. Conway Dobbs, of Castle Dobbs, co. Antrim. B. 1837, educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 1862. A.J.P. and D.L. for co. Clare. M., 1866, Grace Dorothea, young d. of the late Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur, of Kilrush-house, co. Clare. Unsuccessful candidate co. Clare 1877, Ennis 1882 and West Clare, 1885.

Westropp, Captain George O'Callaghan (Clare, East) (C.) of Coolreagh, Bodyke, s. of Colonel John O'Callaghan, of Maryford, by Mary, d. of Mr. John Westropp, of Attyflyn-park, co. Limerick. B. 1864, educated at Cheltenham College and Sandhurst. A.J.P. for co. Clare, was lately a captain in the first Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, and now a captain in the Clare Artillery.

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Chicago Daily News, 30 July 1892
Halloran, John, husband of Margaret, nee Madigan, father of Mrs. Mary Donegan, Mrs. Bridget Ahern, Michael, John, Charles, Rodger, and Patrick Halloran, and Mrs. Charles Donegan, aged 72 yrs., native of Kilkee, Co. Clare. Funeral from resid., 3228 LaSalle st. to St. James Church to Calvary. White Bear Lake (MN) papers please copy.
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Cardiff Evening Express, 30 July 1892
Two Children Injured.
During the stay of Sanger's circus at Mallow on Thursday a large baboon escaped from its cage and caused consternation among the spectators, who ran off in all directions. Tne animal rushed down a street, and, seizing a dog, killed it. It then bolted into a china shop, where it caught a child by the neck and gave it a severe scratch, causing blood to flow. Again rushing into the street, it injured another child, cutting its cheek severely with its claws. An excited crowd pursued the baboon armed with pitchforks and staves, but it ran from street to street, spreading consternation everywhere. Some policemen at length managed to shoot the animal. Mr. Sanger has, it is stated, threatened to bring an action against the police for £200, the alleged value of the animal and the persons whose children were injured have threatened proceedings against Mr. Sanger.
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