The Times, 13 November 1891
Rewards for Saving Life
The Royal Humane Society has conferred its rewards for saving life from drowning on the undermentioned persons :— . . . to J. Cream, medical student, and Mr. Leachman for saving W. Ahern, artist student, at Blackrock, near Dublin, a quarter mile from shore . . . 
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New Zealand Tablet, 13 November 1891
Irish News.
Cork— . . . At Youghal one day a week ago a most remarkable demonstration was made in honour of the memory of a deceased Irish patriot lady of the town, Mrs. Michael Ahearn, who died suddenly. This lady, since her youth, when she was familiarly called Kate O'Neill, possessed in full the qualities of her relatives, who gave many martyrs to the Irish cause since one of them, Father Peter O'Neill, was flogged in Youghal and then transported. There are many of the most prominent "hillside men" of 1867 now in the United States who would have suffered in some of the convict prisons of England were it not for her tact and influence with sheep-owners and sea captains in getting them off disguised. The funeral procession was the largest any person in Youghal ever witnessed, and its length of carriages and cars, which continued all the way to the burial-place at Ballymacoda, was over two miles.
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Chicago Daily News, 23 November 1891
Ahern, John, police officer, husband of Frances nee Hale, brother of Patrick, Michael, Andrew, Denis, Jennie, and the late Mrs. Tierney, a native of Lisdunafie, Parish of Ballingarry, Co. Limerick. Funeral from the resid. 3041 Poplar st. to St. Bridget's Church thence to Mt. Olivet.
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