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The Irish-American
New York City, NY
May 31, 1890


     Nine evictions for non-payment of rent were carried out on the 5th instant, on the property of the Comtesse DeBoiset Lary, near Newcastle West, co. Limerick. The sub sheriff, Mr. Fred Hobson, was accompanied by bailiffs and a force of police. The tenants offered no resistance and were reinstated as caretakers.
     The eviction of from twenty to thirty families is expected to take place on the Glensharold estate, West Limerick, in about a fortnight.
     At a recent meeting of the Limerick Market Trustees, an influential deputation attended and requested that the use of the premises be given for the purpose of a horse-show during the Summer. The trustees agreed to do so, and a committee was appointed to make the necessary arrangements.
     In the Court of Chancery, Dublin, recently, the case of Johnson v. Hunt and Joynt came before the Vice-Chancellor, on a renewal of an application by the defendant, Mr. Wm. Lane Joynt, solicitor. The action was brought by Mrs. Johnston, of Limerick, to recover an arrears of an annuity of 600 a year, charged by the will of her husband, the late Mr. Wm. Johnston, J.P., upon all his estates. These estates were nearly all sold in the Landed Estates Court, in 1873, and Lot 1, which was made primarily liable to the jointure on the indemnification of the others, was sold to the father of the defendant, Mr. George G. Hunt, while Mr. Lane Joynt purchased Lots 2 to 9. During several years the jointure was paid out of the lands forming Lot 1; but of late it fell into arrears, and the action was brought. A receiver was appointed over the lands of Lot 1, called Greenhills and Ballyshane, Mr. Joynt undertaking to make good any deficit that occurred. In obedience to an order of the 3d March last, Mr. Joynt paid 450, being the amount of the deficit; and he now looked for contributions to the owners of the other lots. Mr. Hunt's lands being at present under a receiver, it was necessary for Mr. Joynt to make the present application for leave to proceed by sale or otherwise against the lands of Greenhills and Balyshane. The Vice-Chanceller granted the application, costs to go with the demand.

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