The Times, 10 January 1890
DUBLIN, Jan. 9.   
   At the Cork Board of Guardians to-day, Mr. H. L. Young, chairman, presiding, Mr. Michael Ahern proposed the following resolution:—
   “That we, the members of the Cork Board of Guardians, hereby record our complete confidence in Charles Stewart Parnell, Esq., M.P., our entire disapprobation of the insidious, underhand, and unworthy attempt to traduce and defame our beloved leader by O'Shea and his backers, mean Piggotist organs.”
   He said every Irishman knew that Mr. Parnell was not guilty of the offence and any one who knew the character of Mr. Parnell knew that a man in his position, leader of the Irish race, not alone in the United Kingdom, but all the world over, would never, by committing such an offence give himself and the cause of his country away to his enemies. Mr. B. Cronin seconded the resolution. The chairman said the resolution was outside the business of the Board, and he could not accept it while they had the Poor Law business to transact. Mr. Ahern said that was an exceptional motion, as everyone knew that the proceedings against Mr. Parnell were taken for a political motive, and he would therefore press the chairman to accept it. The latter again declined, and the meeting was addressed by Dr. Tanner, who also urged the chairman to put the resolution. He said the Nationalist guardians had always been tolerated, and had not interrupted business. Mr. Gaielwey said they would of course like to see Mr. Parnell cleared, but the language of the resolution was too strong and introducing it into the business would form a dangerous precedent. Mr. Ahern said they would not make it a precedent and would modify the resolution. The chairman, however, declined to accept the resolution or a motion that he should leave the chair. The adjournment of the Board was moved and carried, the Nationalist guardians promising to bring the resolution on again at the next meeting.
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