New Zealand Tablet, 8 March 1889
Irish News.
Longford.—Denis Maleady, Chairman, Carrickredmond National League has decided to build a League house for Patrick Kenny, one of the victims of the exterminating policy of Joseph Duff of Mornin.

There was an important meeting of the Killoe League on December 2. E. Cooney presided and the following resolution was carried :—That we condemn in the strongest manner the brutal conduct of the Midleton police in causing the death of Patrick Ahern to satisfy the bloodthirsty vengeance of Balfour.

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New Zealand Tablet 22 March 1889
Irish News.
Wexford.—The monthly meeting of Kyle branch was held on December 23, Denis Kennedy in the chair. Others present :— James Fitzpatrick, Denis Egan, Richard Moloney, Patrick Fehan, Timothy Phelan, William Drennan, William Maher, William Scully, John Kelly, Thomas Breen, Michael Ahern. The following resolution was unanimously adopted :—That we call on Sir Charles Coote's agent to give the reduction voluntarily given us last year, namely, 20 per cent., as we believe any less will be inadequate to meet the deficiencies in farm produce this year.
Dublin Notes.
(From the National papers.)
The curtain has fallen on the farce of the investigation of the murder of the poor boy Ahern by Constable Swindell at Middleton. It will be remembered that Pether was first moved to take action in this case by the announcement of the Chief Baron that he would accept an indictment from the next-of-kin founded on the verdict of willful murder of the Coroner's jury. This looked bad for Constable Swindell. The Packer thereupon took the matter out of the hands of the next-of-kin, and sent his familiar Mr. Carson to prosecute the constable before a few thoroughly-reliable Removables. More than one witness swore that they saw the constable thrust his bayonet through and through the wretched boy, who, it was conceded, had taken no part whatever in the disturbance that was in progress. This, however, the impartial Removables found did not establish even a prima facie case against him. He left the court without a stain on his character, however it may have fared with his bayonet, and Mr. Carson returned to Dublin to receive the congratulations of his chief.
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