New Zealand Tablet, 28 June 1889
Irish News.
Cork.—P. O'Hea, M. P., solicitor for Right Rev. Dr. McCarthy, Bishop of Cloyne, has commenced suit in the London courts against the New York Herald for its libelous comments on the Bishop's Lenten Pastoral.

Owen Ahern, of Ballygarvan, was evicted by Landlord J. B. Coghlan. The eviction party, composed of bailiffs and about thirty police, took the tenant by surprise, and he offered no resistance. There are already several evicted farms in the district, and as none of them have been grabbed the eviction is not likely to become a very profitable transaction for Mr. Coghlan.

Two widows, named Bridget Lombard and Catherine Carver, were evicted on the estate of Messrs. Hewitt, formerly distillers of Cork. The evicted families state that they were not allowed to purchase their holdings as the other tenants were. Mrs. Carver's son was arrested for throwing a stone at the evicting party, and taken to Cork Gaol.

On March 30 John O'Connor and John Curtin, parishioners of Rev. M. B. Kennedy, Meelin, were released from Cork Gaol, having undergone terms of imprisonment for attending a meeting of their National League branch. They were met outside the gaol and warmly greeted by several friends, including Mrs. O'Connor, D. M. Lenihan, John Curtin, John Lenihan, Newmarket ; James Murphy and James Hurigan.

On April 1 Millstreet witnessed an unusual exhibition of police violence. It was fair day, and a great crowd of people were in town. A difference sprang up between some persons, and a policeman who interfered was somewhat injured. A large body of police under Head-Constable O'Brien rushed from the barracks, and bludgeoned every one indiscriminately, and one old man was seriously hurt. A young man, who was looking on at the scene from outside the house of T. J. O'Sullivan, was knocked down and kicked furiously, and when Mr. O'Sullivan expostulated, the Head-Constable rushed after him into his house and threatened to arrest him, as he was "keeping a disorderly house," meaning that the League met there. It was with difficulty Mr. O'Sullivan saved himself from personal violence, and got the police to leave his premises.

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