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Pembrokeshire Herald, 18 January 1889
The magisterial inquiry into the charge of murder against Constable Edward Swindell concluded at Midleton, County Cork, on Tuesday evening. During a police charge on a riotous mob at Midleton on the 1st of November last, a man named Catrick [sic] O'Hearn received a bayonet wound, from which he died shortly afterwards, and it was alleged the wound was inflicted without justification by Swindell, against whom a coroner's jury subsequently returned a verdict of murder. The Crown did not act upon the verdict, but ordered an inquiry, which terminated on Tuesday evening. The Magistrates unanimously refused any information against Swindell, and commented strongly upon the character of the evidence given by some of the witnesses.
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New Zealand Tablet, 18 January 1889
Dublin Notes.
(From the National papers.)
The prolonged inquest into the circumstances of the death of Patrick Ahern at Midleton has resulted in a verdict of willful murder against a constable named Swindell, whom witnesses swore to have seen stabbing the deceased. There seems to have been a conspiracy to prevent their share in the occurrence from being in independently investigated. The whole affair is as ugly a looking business as the same body of peace-preservers were ever engaged in ; and the case is one emphatically demanding regular judicial inquiry. As the case at present stands, it looks like a wanton piece of butchery. Probably Mr. Balfour's sheltering mantle will be used to cloak it from any further examination.
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Kellogg Enterprise
Kellogg, Jasper Co, Iowa
Jan 18, 1889


     The evictions from the Olphert estate in county Donegal, Ireland, were continued. Of those ejected, only the occupants of one house offered any resistance, and they yielded after a struggle of fifteen minutes. At the last house visited, however, the evictors met with a warm reception. Several attempts were made to effect an entrance, but the house was so strongly barricaded and fortified that the magistrate finally ordered a cessation of the hostilities, retiring amid the derisive cheers of the defenders of the house and a crowd of spectators. Orders have been sent from Dublin castle directing the authorities to effectually use the soldiery if the tenants oppose the evictions being carried out there.

Trenton Times
Trenton, New Jersey
January 8, 1889

War on Irish Tenants to be Resumed with Fury.

    LONDON, Jan. 8- It is announced that after the evictions at Falcarragh are completed the eviction brigades will turn their attention to the neighboring estates of Harpur Nixon and Mrs. Dalkey, both of which are in Father McFadden's parish. The evictions from the estate of the Draper's company will begin on Wednesday. Enormous pressure is being brought here to compel the purchase of the estate under the Ashbourne act, but the movement is being just as stoutly resisted. Lord Clanricarde intends to renew the evictions from his estate at as early a day as possible. The evictors, with the assistance of the magistrates, have resorted to a clever trick to effect an entrance into barricaded homes. The tenants occupying these houses are summoned to give evidence in star chamber proceedings. If they obey the summons they are kept waiting the whole day before being permitted to testify. If they return to give evidence they are imprisoned, so that in either case they are absent from their homes when bailiffs arrive. Mr. Balfour has given instruction that the coercion act must be carried out with the utmost vigor and his orders are being literally obeyed. It is expected that the military will be called upon to use their rifles in the endeavor to eject the Clanricarde tenants as all of the houses on that estate are strongly barricaded and the occupants armed.
    The assertion that the Dublin Invincibles will kill Balfour if they have an opportunity to do so appears to be based on something more tangible than mere idle rumor, and it is generally believed to be true. At any rate the Irish secretary believes it and has taken extraordinary precautions against the possibility of an assassination.

Effort to release Harrington.
    LONDON, Jan. 8- An effort will be made in Dublin on Friday next to have Mr. Edward Harrington, who is undergoing a six months' sentence in Tullamore jail, brought into court a writ of habeas corpus and released.

They Scorned the Summonses.
    DUBLIN, Jan. 8- Commoners John O'Connor and Dr. Tanner were served with summonses to appear at court at Tipperary. Both tossed the writs into the street and neither will appear.

Twenty Tenants Arrested.
    DUBLIN, Jan. 8- Great excitement has been caused by the arrest of twenty tenants on the Vandeleur estates at Kilrush, for barricading their houses against evictors.

Newark Daily Advocate
Newark, Ohio
Jan 11, 1889


    A curious and interesting scene was enacted over in Ireland yesterday. Loughrea was the place where the spectacle occurred. After the court had adjourned a sitting in which a number of Clanricarde rental cases had been under consideration, a hundred or more Nationalists headed by a band, paraded the streets, led by a convert from the enemy's side. The convert was one of her Majesty's policemen in full uniform. During lulls in the music this enthusiastic proselyte would address the crowd, asserting that the police were heartily sick of the degrading work which they called upon to perform in Ireland. He said that there were many, who, like himself, would be only too glad to abandon the whole business.

Warmed Up the Boys.
    After finishing one of these addresses, he called for three cheers for Dillon and O'Brien, but this juncture was an unlucky one in his new career, for at that moment the head constable, with a body of police, swooped down upon the crowd and capturing the rebellious constable, marched him off to the barracks under arrest.


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