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Newark Daily Advocate
Newark, Ohio
Jan 9, 1888

    LONDON, January 9- Mr. J.G. Shaw Lefevre, Liberal member for Bradford, addressed a large meeting at Portumna and another and still larger gathering at Ballinaslee taking for his subject in both cases the conviction of Mr. Wilfred Blunt. The manner of his conviction, Mr. Lefevre declared, was simply outrageous. The charge made against him in the county Court was entirely different from the one made at the time of his arrest and preliminary hearing, showing conclusively that his prosecutors did not regard the case against Mr. Blunt as warranting conviction, but being determined to imprison him, had falsified the records and imposed upon the court. Why, Mr. Lefevre asked, should Mr. Blunt have been selected for conviction while others against whom similar charges were or could have been brought were allowed to go free? The wrongs to which tenantry of Ireland had been subjected for the last two years, he declared, were directly traceable to Lord Clanricarde and he was surprised in view of recent disclosures affecting Lord Clanricarde and others connected with the not very remote administration of Government in Ireland that the Government should have persisted in the prosecution of Mr. Blunt. No attempt was made to prevent Mr. Lefevre from speaking and the crowds he addressed were remarkably orderly.

Newark Daily Advocate
Newark, Ohio
Jan 29, 1888  

Michael Davitt's Advice.
    DUBLIN, Jan. 30- Michael Davitt, speaking at Rathkeale Sunday, advised the tenants of Lord Guillamore not to accept the offer made to them to purchase their farms, because heavy burdens would soon accrue and mortgages would turn their farms over again to other hands, and also because Lord Guillamore had evicted two tenants from his estate.

Musicians Arrested.
    DUBLIN, Jan. 30- Yesterday at Galway, as some musicians were returning from serenading the bishop at his house, the police seized their instruments and arrested the musicians. There is intense excitement over this matter.

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