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  Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia

February 24, 1888

Evictions Under Difficulties

     DUBLIN, Feburary 23.- The evictions of tenants on the Ponsonby estate at Youghal, has been unexpectedly resumed. A large military and police force accompanied by a doctor and ambulance and a fire engine, escorted the bailiffs who went today to execute writs of eviction. A number of battering rams and sledge hammers were carried for the purpose of entrance to the house of any tenant who offers any resistance. The tenants were taken completely by surprise, but a family named Doyle succeeding in barring themselves inside their house, which was only captured after a strong resistance. There were several other exciting scenes. The police made many arrests. The weather was bitterly cold.

Decatur Daily Republican
Decatur, Illinois
Feb 24, 1888

When Ireland Will Have Home Rule

    LONDON, Feb. 24- Lord Randolph Churchill, in his address to the Oxford Union Society, Wednesday, said that if he were asked if home rule would ever be granted to Ireland, he would answer yes, but the he would not tell the time when this would happen. He could only indicate the epoch. When England had ceased to be a nation of wealth; when her manufacturers and her commerce had departed, and when manly resolution and dogged determination no longer remained, and when the memory of the past was forgotten, then, and then only would home rule be granted to Ireland. Lord Randolph's whole address of last evening seems to have been especially severe in its strictures upon the Irish party and the plans of the Gladstonians in general. It looks very much as one of the Liberal journals remarks, that it must be a decidedly wavering cause that necessitates such language toward its opponents from one of its leaders. The speech is, however, not considered as an important utterance, although Mr. John Morley will shortly reply to Lord Randolph and tone down some of the fiercest parts of the harangue.

    Sir H. Burke, who owns estates at Woodford, has surrendered to the plan offered by his tenants and settlements have been made in accordance with it to the satisfaction of all. Only Lord Clanricarde and Mrs. Lewis now hold out in that district against their tenants.

    An exhibition of the absolute cruelty of the present rule in Ireland was afforded Wednesday in the adjoining towns of Milltown and Millbay, over in County Clare. A number of people of the neighboring parishes attempted to distribute two hundred and sixty car-loads of turf and the same amount of potatoes among the families of eleven men, who are at present serving terms of imprisonment, having been sentenced for alleged crimes against the coercion law. The police, however, stopped the proceedings, and would not allow the humane work to continue.

    LONDON, Feb. 24- In the House of Commons last evening, Mr. Shaw Lefevre moved as an amendment to the address in reply to the Queen's speech the necessity of a measure dealing with the arrears of excessive rents in Ireland. He accused Chief Irish Secretary Balfour of favoring landlords like Lord Clanricarde. Mr. Balfour, in reply, said that fair rents had been fixed by the tribunals since the act of 1881, and that it was unreasonable to demand that tenants be relieved of arrears arising under the terms so fixed. Mr. Shaw Lefevre responded that only about ten per cent of Lord Clanricarde's rents were equitably fixed. Mr. Timothy Healey and other Irish members spoke to the same subject.

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