The Times, 6 December 1888
CORK, Dec. 5.
At Munster Winter Assizes to-day the case was mentioned in which a coroner's jury in Midleton found a verdict against Constable [Edward] Swindell for the murder of [Patrick] Aherne, who died from injuries received in a charge made by the police on a riotous mob in Midleton. Mr. Wright, Q.C., said the Attorney-General had ordered a nolle prosequi in the case. The Chief Baron said he would adjourn the hearing of an application on behalf of the next-of-kin to send a bill to the grand jury.
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Guardian, 19 December 1888
The Attorney-General has ordered a magisterial investigation of the case against Constable [Edward] Swindell for the death of [Patrick] Ahern, who was killed during a riot at Midleton. The next of kin had desired to have the constable placed at trial at the present Munster Assizes on a verdict of wilful murder returned by a coroner's jury, but the case will now take the usual course, and must pass before the magistrates and the grand jury before coming into the assize court.
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