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Kellogg Enterprise
Kellogg, Jasper Co, Iowa
August 10, 1888

The Officers Meet With Desperate Resistance

    The evictions were resumed on the Vandeleur estates. Thos. Berminham and wife, and adult daughter, of Movasia, stoutly defended their home by throwing boiling water, lime, etc. upon the bailiffs and police whom they kept off with a long pole. The persons occupying boats in the bay opposite Movasia cheered the defenders. The police, with the aid of battering rams, finally made a break in the walls and rushed into the house. A desperate fight ensued, in which Berminham was wounded and arrested. Three other evictions were effected quickly.

Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 18, 1888

Facts About Ireland

     It is impossible for a fair minded man to indorse England's Irish policy when he looks at the present condition of Ireland.
     Nearly one million pauperized Irishmen have to be relieved every year by the authorities. Of this number eighty per cent have been made paupers by the cruel evictions forced by their grasping landlords.
     More than 3,000,000 acres of good land remain untilled, because the landlords demand an exorbitant rent.
     In one generation the population of the island has decreased at a fearful rate. It has dropped from 8,500,000 to 2,500,000.
     No other land, however oppressed and robbed, can present such an array of mournful statistics. No poor man ever goes to Ireland in search of liberty or in the hope of bettering his condition, but, one the contrary, men flee from the country as if some blighting curse has befallen it.
     For protesting against the policy which has brought about these results the followers of Parnell are denounced and imprisoned by the tory government. Patriots are thrown into filthy jails to suffer and starve, and perhaps die as Mandeville died.
     When the masses of the English people get all these facts before them, they will be compelled to elect parliamentary representatives who will grant home rule to Ireland, or take their stand before the world as the most brutal nation of this civilized age. The only hope of the Irish rests with the English masses, the common people, the workers of the land. There is nothing to be expected from the classes, the aristocrats, monopolists and landlords who now hold the reins of power.



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